Curious Captures in Hà Nội City [Nr. 8]

2019-05-16T09:11:42.000Z Honest Cash

Curious Captures in Hà Nội City [Nr. 8]

These last two weeks I have been sick in bed and not in the mood for a new blog. But this week the sun has started shining so I have been tempted to drive around the city again. And when you go outside. The rest follows. So here is part 8 of my curious captures out on the road.


When you move to a different part of the world, one of the changes is that you know a lot less people. This can be lonely sometimes. But it also gives you opportunities. There is plenty of room to create a new 'you' as the cliché goes. The funny thing is, that in Hà Nội not only the Tây Ba Lô (literally means western backpack) reinvent themselves to whatever they wanna be. Screw the conventions.

If you wanna be a Harley Davidson driver on a Yamaha Mercedes, then you should just create that life for yourself.

And who says the Devil can't be a pacifist?


When I started this blog I wrote about the many sinister texts I saw on clothing. Since most of these clothing are on walking people I find it a bit khó to capture. But this week I found an easy target. I got a couple other new ones as well for the next weeks. So it is time to dive into the dark Asian minds again.

I love it that people over here take fashion not that serious. You can see fake brands everywhere, and people do like brands, but they also play around with the concept a lot.

Bad Benches

Because of the hot weather I have been walking around the lake in the evenings to cool off a bit. And you always notice different things at night then you do during the day.

I really wonder what the person did with that stolen part. I mean. What can you do with it?

Around the corner of this bench there is a Bia Hơi (local outside beer bar) with a couple benches out front.

This bench is like your drunk friend. "Nah nah, I'm all good. Look I am still standing straight"

But the next morning there is no more denying the hangover..

See you all next time, and remember. Stay Creepy!