Curious Captures in Hà Nội City [Nr. 9]

2019-05-31T07:03:06.000Z Honest Cash

Curious Captures in Hà Nội City [Nr. 9]

Hello everyone,

Sickness is long gone and next week will be hot again over here in Vietnam's capital. At the moment it's a dark and cloudy day, but I am feeling good. So perfect time to sit down and make a new blog post.


What I really admire about Vietnamese people is that they are creative in their own special way. I often see problems that seem simple and very easy to fix, but nobody does it. And then other times, I see problem solving in a way I would never think off. In a country where the population is young and the wages low, it might make more sense to use more manpower then mechanics.

Bạn ơi, can you hop on the back and hold my cargo for me?

You might not immediately recognise what the next bike is transporting. Is it rope? Is it pieces of straw? Fake hair?

Nope. It's bundles of uncooked noodle. Tied all together with iron and jump cables. And yeah. Why not?


A couple weeks ago I showed you fishermen fishing next to a Do Not Fish sign. And since then I have had seen some other examples of Fuck the Police behaviour.

This is a common one. "Do not put your garbage out on the street."

Now what makes this more funny. Is that directly behind this wall, is the big community building of the government. I guess if people really wanna do something. You can't stop them.

Sad Benches

Yes you read it right. It's not a typo. I came upon a bench that was not badly placed. But lost it's grace. This week the bench is having the bad view, and not us…

Look at it. All tucked away and lonely. No purpose. Just looking into darkness…

Creepy English

Last time I announced the return of the dark shirts. Well they became accusingly close this week.

"But really.. I swear it wasn't m.." Okay okay okay, take it easy, I'll take my leave..