Curious Captures in Hà Nội City [Nr. 7]

2019-04-22T04:21:55.000Z Honest Cash

Curious Captures in Hà Nội City [Nr. 7]

Hey everybody, welcome back for already the 7th edition of my weird collection of photographs captured in Hanoi, the chaotic City for Peace.

The summer is really heating up this last week over here, reaching 38 degrees. Last week we saw that the locals do not care about "Do Not Fish" signs. And yesterday I saw the first group of teenagers jump in to cool off.
Again Do Not Swim signs at the shore, but o well, if you are overheated, let's see how long You can resist a beautiful cool polluted lake.

Cyclo peoples

Back in the 80's and 90's Hanoi was knows as a city of bicycles, just like Amsterdam is now. Things have changed dramatically of course. Scooters have taken over big time.
Now even scooters are driving with scooters.

However, bicycles are still being used, mostly by kids, fruit sellers and old timers. Like this guy with his washing machine.
Now I do understand how they can balance all that stuff on their motorbikes. They learned how to do it on an old bike.

Bad Benches
This weekend will be a long 5 day holiday for the Vietnamese, celebrating Reunification Day, which marks the end of the American War, plus International Labor Day. Plenty of time for going out of the city, into the cooler mountains, or in my case, towards the sea and Cát Bà Island. Planning my trip made me remember one of my earlier trips to Đà Lạt, one of my favorite places in Vietnam. It lays high in the mountains, with a moderate climate. The Vietnamese love to go to the area to cool off and wind down. So much so, that in the war, officers from both the Vietcong and the South-Vietnamese army would have their time off side by side. Why spoil you free time with war troubles, phải không?

And who can blame them?

The view on the mountains around just ooze relaxation. If you stand up from your bench and turn around. Of course.

Why? Why place 30 benches facing away from the valley. I will never know.

You see. The white house over there is known as Dalat's Haunted house. And I did want to ask te people about their bench setup, but… Well. This guy was sitting and having some sort of exorcism ritual. So we left with more questions then we came with.

I mean, seriously though, look at this ET looking creature over there.

So after driving quickly back into the city it was time for some easy going vacation stuff. We decided to go to the o so cheesy Love Valley. And yes. It's everything you think it is and more.
A big park full of flowers,
love signs,
statues (some a bit weirder than others),
and other picture opportunities for couples. And what do couples of course love to do? Sit together on a bench!
Uhmmm. Looking at each other?
It was not just once though. There were group benches everywhere. Gotta share your love I suppose.
Some people have a bit wilder love than others.

Alright that's it for this week. Let's see what curious things I will capture this weekend at Cát Bà.