Curious Captures in Hà Nội City [Nr. 13]

2019-08-08T05:51:09.000Z Honest Cash

Hello curious peoples! The sun of last time is no more. Mùa mưa has really started. Mùa means season and mưa translates to rain (you might remember the áo mưa, or, raincoat, from two posts back). Flooded streets and temperatures between 29-32 instead of the 33+. Now, although there were a bunch of crazy pictures floating around on Facebook, like this one bellow, I didn't make many myself. 

Luckily all this water flows away quickly, due to the many lakes and the big Red River taking it all in. So usually by the time I go out of the house, the streets are dry again. But with all this rain and dark skies, I do feel we need some positive vibes over here. So today no creepy Vietlish. No depressing shirts. Let's keep it light and uplifting.

Meotivating Messages

I know I have played around with how people use the English language over here. And just as the benches with trees in front of them have taught me, don't take life too serious. It's all fun and games. But sometimes the Vietnamese do know what they are doing with words. Usually this has something to do with cuteness. 

Not only in Japan they want everything kawaii. It is very acceptable in Hanoi to see a man drive around with a Hello Kitty helmet, or to walk in pink shirts. But then again, not all is cute. This country's main strong liquor brand is called Men' Vodka. Cuteness and macho culture live side by side very harmoniously. Like I said before, fashion is quite fluid here. 

And one more quote to get you thinking. 


Speaking of Men' Vodka. Most people over here drink rượu. Comes in all colours and tastes. Made from rice wine combined with roots, fruits or snakes for that matter. Sometimes pretty ngon, sometimes horrible. These wines are not sold in supermarkets and have no brands. These are neighbourhood or homemade. And usually come in simple water bottles or jerrycans. 

On his way to get the party started somewhere.

Garbage is a part of life. In Hanoi it gets picked up every day, and sometimes gets burned right on the spot. But look what I saw.

Who knows, maybe recycling is finally coming to Vietnam. Young people do talk about it in class when environment is the topic. But this is the first time I actually see someone driving around with old paper. The world is changing.

Bad Benches

The world changing? Just kidding. Still same old, same old.

Who would want to look out over the green river bank anyway.

The Paper House

This week I have one more curious capture for you all. I'd like to think this family once participated in some kind of television programme and won a lifetime supply of toilet paper. And got all of it immediately. And now they are stuck with this.

Who knows? Maybe all of this has been made with recycled paper being picked up on scooters.

See ya'll next time!