My First Post

2018-11-28T21:19:08.000Z Honest Cash

Bitcoin is Honest Cash.

I believe that we need money to survive in a universe with scarce resources.

Honest money enables an honest life.

An honest life is worth fighting for.

I fight for Bitcoin.


Bitcoin Believer

by @Madstudios

I also believe in Bitcoin which is why I was suprised Honest.Cash runs on BCH Bitcoin Cash. The "Hash Wars" have done nothing but make a few with huge egos richer temporarily and crashed the price of Bitcoin, causing trouble for many and setting back cryptocurrency in the eyes of the general public back years. I have an ethereum address, a Monero address, a Ripple address and my Bitcoin I can keep in my Atomic Wallet and it is on the blockchain, the longest blockchain, the one most invested in. and Honest.Cash are great ideas and I wish everyone well. So, why not tip me and make me a big believer? For more of my thoughts/content check out my http://www.CoolThings.Life blog. And for cryptocurrency, I started www.CryptoCopia.GA , because I could.