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Sorry for the small delay in this post, I’ve been having too much fun!

Queenstown is a glorious place, with stunning mountains in the backdrop. It has the feel of a ski resort, and is incredibly luxurious. Across Queenstown mall there are heaps of designer shops and it makes you feel rich walking around there. The restaurants are legendary too, with virtually all cuisines you could ask for.

As the autumn leaves fall, you can see the beauty it brings out in a place like Queenstown!


Unfortunately I am starting to run out of money so was unable to go bungee jumping or go on the giant swing. The first ever bungee jump was created in Queenstown and so is definitely worth going. Instead, I went to the luge and went luging. For those who don’t know, luging is similar to gokarting, although you use gravity to accelerate. At the top we could see the whole of Queenstown and its beautiful river.

Onsen Hot Tubs

At night, we went to Onsen Hot tubs, a beautiful hot tub that overlooks a mountain. Thankfully we had a clear sky allowing us to view the lovely night sky with its stars in full flight. Simply put this is an experience I will never be able to relive. Sadly, because it was night my photos were absolute trash, but their instagram page is actually accurate of the experience: https://instagram.com/onsenhotpools?igshid=5wamkcj4t795


Queenstown is famous for Fergburger, and my god the tourists love it. Full to the brim, with people eating their burgers on the ledges it was a funny site to see. Needless to say I ate the burger (I am a burger enthusiast), and it was really good!

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