Getting to New Zealand and Paihia

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So, as the headline says - I’m in New Zealand and will be here for the next two months. I hope to travel around and share my adventures with you!

Getting to New Zealand

So to get to New Zealand from London involves one long-ass flight (29 hours in total!) I decided to fly Singapore Airlines (which was the second cheapest after South China Air) and I do have to say it was an incredible airline. The service and level of respect for you is really high. The food was really nice - the first time I have actually enjoyed aeroplane food. Nonetheless, the journey was long and honestly, it felt as though my legs atrophied on the flight.


After we landed in Auckland, we stayed in the airport for a few hours before exploring the city in the early hours. Auckland is super clean, and gives a nice city feel to it. I’m intending to comeback to Auckland to fully explore it, so get ready for a more detailed post later. Our main order of business though, was to get a bus up to Paihia.

Paihia is situated in the ‘bay of islands’, a beautiful and quiet town surrounded by sea and several islands. Driving up to Paihia was interesting. Honestly, it felt like an extreme version of countryside in the UK. The greenery as lovely and there is a clear attempt to preserve the nature here in New Zealand.

Our first lunch in Paihia was at a restaurant called Charlottes Kitchen. It was a cute restaurant with a view looking over the sea. I ate a locally caught white-fish with edemame beans and teriyaki sauce. It’s really interesting to see how other Asian cultures are here in New Zealand. After this we went to our Airbnb and more or less passed out due the exhaustion of travelling for nearly 3 days straight!

Today however, has been an absolutely jam-packed day. We started off by getting a boat ride to the hole in the rock. On the way we saw some dolphins (sadly the photos didn’t turn out great as I forgot my SLR)! The boat ride itself was beautiful and incredibly peaceful. We got to see effectively the ‘edge of the world’ - the point whereby there is no land until you reach Chile. The hole in the rock is also beautiful!

After this we got dropped off in Russell, a lovely town on the opposite side of the sea to Paihia. Here we got a driver up to Omata Estate - a vineyard with an amazing restaurant. The views from this place were insane, and complemented the food and drink! From here, we got to go on a one kilometre walk to a stunning viewpoint, and walked down to the ocean view too. These were owned by the Omata Estate and so no one was around to disturb. Being completely secluded in this scenery was amazing, especially when no other tourists were there. All you could hear was the waves crashing against the rocks - pure serenity.

Check out the view from our Airbnb as we had dinner! I quite foolishly didn’t put on repellant and now have bites all over my feet. Sad times!

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RE: Getting to New Zealand and Paihia

by @siddartha

Beautiful place. I especially liked the last pic with food served on a table and an awesome view. Between, I always wonder about one thing. Eating out open in an area like this with grass and all, do you get bothered by small flies and insects?

RE: RE: Getting to New Zealand and Paihia

by @yk101

ahah, I did get bitten quite a lot unfortunately. Insects do bug me out but you have to fight through the struggle to take advantage of the lovely view.