Electroneum iOS Beta - review

2019-01-31T12:29:46.000Z Honest Cash

I was lucky enough to join the Electroneum iOS Beta and so I thought I would write a mini-review of the app, and its cloud-mining function.


Electroneum is a mobile-based payment solution. It aims to revolutionise crypto with a low-fee payment especially for those in the developing world. Broadly speaking, cryptocurrency has the ability to improve developing economies by giving people access to new forms of money. With approximately 350million unbanked smartphone users, a huge market is available for finance and Electroneum seeks to take a chunk out of it. Truthfully speaking, if mass crypto adoption is to become a thing, targeting this market is absolutely crucial.

iOS App

The iOS app is pretty smooth, no real bugs. It gives you a calculator, list of exchanges.

Cloud mining

Cloud mining via the mobile app is really easy. You get 7 days of cloud mining before it shuts and then you reactivate it. All it takes is a selfie to prevent bot activity. It doesnt cost any money, nor data or power. Its not really like mining to be honest. You cannot withdraw ETN until you've mined 100.

I make about 4 ETN a day. In a month this is due to come up to a dollar. The website claims that you will make $3 a month though. I do not know if they will increase the mining amount. This is obviously a small amount, but mining some tokens while they are cheap may reap rewards in the future.

How to sign up?

To sign up for the Beta, you must follow them on Blockfolio and look at their recent signal - it provides a link to sign up. If you use my referral code you will also get an extra 1% mining.

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