Boldman Capital - Earn ETH dividends.

2019-01-24T19:42:53.000Z Honest Cash

A key issue when investing in crypto is lack of passive income. We invest in a token but often get no dividends for holding these tokens. A few platforms are trying to allow for earning passive income but they tend to be very low APR rates.

Boldman Capital allows you to earn up to 10% each month.

So, what is Boldman Capital? Its a decentralised investment fund that rewards those who hold BOLD tokens. Dividends are given out every month and have ranged from 5%-10%. Currently their yearly APR works out as close to 91%. Here is a link to etherscan transactions showing dividends being paid into peoples ETH Wallet:

Here is a link to their website:

Currently BOLD can be bought on the Hotbit exchange. It is worth checking out as a potential investment option. Note this is not investment advice, just thought I would bring this project to the Honest community.