Premiere of my fantasy novel

2019-03-15T17:11:46.000Z Honest Cash

Today I finally published the English edition of my novel, “More Than Bad Intentions”.

It is available on amazon, barnesandnoble, kobo, iTunes and more (the full list of online bookstores you can find here).

Now I can relax before starting my next project. :)

What is the novel about?

"More Than Bad Intentions" is a funny fantasy story, where the action develops at a rapid pace, and we can follow the main character’s journey through amazing lands to a surprising finale.

For Darreth, a young demon, exiled from Hell, the most desirable object is the Jewel giving power to rule his native dimension. The search for it leads him through lands of Earth, Fables, Nightmare, Absurdity and Hell itself, but the closer he gets to the goal, the less he wants the Jewel. During the adventure he discovers more and more intrigues, and nothing, including demons and angels, is what it seems.

I hope you'll like it! :)

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