Update: honest.whotipped.it

2019-02-09T18:24:31.000Z Honest Cash

Today we present you following changes to honest.whotipped.it:

- on the start page you can see the titles of the posts and the upvotetime

  • on the "Most tipped posts" you can see the titles

  • also single upvotes of the users are provided with titles

Enjoy it.


RE: Update: honest.whotipped.it

by @oodeyaa

Wow thank you for sharing this with us and it will definitely improve our engagement with our content lovers and curators.

RE: RE: Update: honest.whotipped.it

by @whotippedit

Thank you very much for feedback. I enjoy supporting honest.cash.

RE: Update: honest.whotipped.it

by @Xerographica

Very useful update!! Here's some more feedback…

Right now my whotipped page has three sections…

1. Who tipped Xerographica?

2. Most tipped posts

3. Who did Xerographica tip?

Here's my preference…

1. What has Xerographica recently tipped? (Title, To, BCH)

2. What has Xerographica tipped the most? (Title, To, BCH)

3. Most tipped posts (I'd probably change the wording)

With this format, since I just tipped your update, it would be displayed at the top of my page.

Keep up the great work!

RE: RE: Update: honest.whotipped.it

by @whotippedit

Thank you for feedback. I will do my best ;)