Different between Windows and Linux

Jun 16, 19

Both are computer operating system. mostly user are using windows operating system and mostly user are don't know about Linux Operating system .Windows OS working very easy but Linux have limited feature. you cant play high graphics game in Linux OS but windows Os very easily to run High graphics game. so mostly user using Windows Os. we cant do some work in Linux like multimedia work video editing photography photo editing, we cant run gadgets & some utility software in Linux. windows have many software and game on the internet . Linux working of fully command in Linux terminal. windows are using on (GUI) Graphics user interface and command prompt. Linux is open source OS mins that if we want to download Linux Operating system it will free on his official website but windows are not giving free it's costly we need to buy it on microsoft.com. Windows OS also support DOS but Linux not supporting it. Linux os using a biggest company like NASA, Pentagon. we can run Linux OS without installation as a Live OS. some eg of Windows OS - win- XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 its

Why are using Linux OS

Linux is secured OS it's not easy to hack. Ethical Hacker , Penetration Tester and Forensic Investigator are using Linux Os. we got the hack like wanna cry attack and Petya ransomware attack on Windows Os but doesn't effect on Linux os. windows hacking tools are very costly but Linux providing its free of cost some are pre-installed on Kali Linux and mostly tools are available on GitHub.

linux has much distribution like. Ubuntu, Kali Linux, Parrot security, red hat, Debian etc

some very dangerous command of Linux please don't use it, its also call Deadly Linux command if u run these comment in Linux systems will crass so be careful

rm -rf /

mv ~ /dev/null

mkfs .ext3 /dev/sda

: () :|: & };:

any-command > /dev/sda

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