The News This Week #2

Jun 16, 19

United States

This week, President Donald Trump gave the annual State of The Union speech to congress. He called for bipartisan support, but he doesn't have a great history on this. Talks about keeping the government funded appear to be stalling too - a new deal has to be agreed by Friday.

Governor Ralph Northam, of Virginia, came under pressure after his medical school yearbook photos revealed him dressed in blackface and the KKK uniform. He proceeded to admit this, but then confusingly denied it the next day. He has said he is staying put despite outcry across both aisles.

United Kingdom

This week, Jeremy Corbyn, the Leader of the Opposition wrote a letter to the Prime Minister, outlining his five key areas, pertaining to trade, the customs union, security, commitment to science/research, and the border in NI. If these are addressed by the governments brexit deal, they will help vote it through parliament. Theresa May rejected parts of the letter, especially pertaining to the customs union. Nonetheless, parliament remains in gridlock while the Brexit countdown is looming.


In France, Emmanual Macron has been hosting town hall meetings to attempt to generate new ideas. In response to record low ratings and weekly protests from the Gilets Jaunes, this discussion of ideas across the country is an attempt to demonstrate that ideas are worth debating. He has previously been considered 'out-of-touch' and an elitist - but the public seem to be responding well to this with his polls going up.


This is a new section added from last week on request - I am not that clued up on Asian news but will try get more informed

In Thailand, Princess Ubolratana, decided to run for Prime Minister. Thailand has a strict code of the monarchy having political neutrality. The Princess has claimed she has cut off all royal ties and lives as a commoner, making her eligible to be PM. It appears she has lost backing of the party set up to support her.

South America

Not too much to report here other than that protests are still ongoing in Venezuela.

Fun news for the week

Someone last week requested a light-hearted story/something fun that happened this week. In a sad fashion I will have to disappoint. If you see a fun story please post it in the comments!

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