Introducing...The News This Week #1

Jun 16, 19

So I decided to make a semi-newsletter style delivering a nice summary of news this week. It will predominantly focus on the US, UK, and Europe, but I will try to make it as far-reaching as I can. If you think I missed any stories (which will be inevitable), please post them below!


This week in America, the government shutdown came to an end as parties decided to provide funding for the next three weeks. This has been the longest shutdown in US history (35 days). President Trump has threatened to shut down the Government again if a future budget doesn't contain funding for a wall.

Roger Stone, a long-time Trump ally was arrested by Robert Mueller on seven different charges. He claims he is not guilty and denies any wrong doing.


Nissan, the Japanese car manufacturer, has announced it will not manufacture its new cars in the UK. Previously, after assurances from the British Government regarding Brexit, it had planned to begin work in Sunderland for its new model.

MPs rejected multiple amendments regarding Brexit. The two that were accepted were to: 'reject leaving with no deal', and 'explore alternatives to the Irish Backstop'. The Prime Minister, Theresa May is currently seeking to renegotiate elements of her brexit deal.


Relatively uneventful this week, although Italy formally slid into a recession. Two consecutive quarters of negative growth doesn't bode well for the populist coalition in charge.


Protests have been gathering more steam across Venezuela, with increasing numbers coming out to support the self-declared president, Juan Guiado. Maduro is currently holding onto power, and has support from Turkey, Russia and China. The US, most other Latin American countries, and the EU have thrown support behind Juan Guiado and hope to encourage regime change via sanctions.

Thanks for reading - follow me if you would like to see this every week.

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