Some thoughts on how to deal with 'Fake Tokens'

2019-08-05T13:54:11.000Z Honest Cash
Example of a Spice token you can´t sell anywhere else

On, messages appeared today about fake SLP tokens that're going around. I also called to be alert. But later I wondered: these so-called fake tokens are also just as real, aren't they? Why should they be less real than other SLP tokens? They're the same Simple Ledger protocol on the BCH network

I made a token once after a nice evening in a pub in Tyrol. It's called ?????viel spaß in der tiroler stube?????? (???). I had been inspired there as you can see. Maybe it was the amount of beer but something went wrong while making the token because suddenly I had 2 exactly the same tokens. Here you see one and here is the other.

But is that a problem? And when is one more real and the other more fake?

I've also noticed several Trump tokens the past months and there are more with same names or names that look lik each other. Someone on Memo wrote that a token called beer was fake and his ? was real. But again, why is one more real than the other? 

Now there is a Spice token on Memo that looks exactly like the one listed on Cryptophyl and Sideshift AI but you can't sell it there. Here's the problem that people might buy it with the expectation to make some profit on one of these exchanges but might feel fucked when they find out the token will not be accepted.

So the solution might be:

- a notification if a token is listed somewhere, like perhaps a small icon of the exchange where it's listed

- a small number behund the name when there are more tokens with the same name on Memo. You can rank them on date or popularity.

Just a few thoughts, hope it was helpfull