African Poetry: Mosaic Memory | Our State of Rapture

Jun 16, 19

The free verse i composed last year titled "Deep Mosaic" contained contracted words and short lines that represented the sentiments of two voices working at cross-purposes to one another. Time and events encouraged me to work on separating the two purposes into two poems.

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Mosaic Memory We were love and walked the trials and testComposed and whole in our struggling years so bold Before deceit eroded us from what we were at best Our names remain engraved on empty frames of gold. Envy and desire erupted as from weak seams of a herdFirst violations sprung from common deepest veins 'til eyes transformed the substances observed 'til palms and tongues beat cold beliefs to stains. We're now mere dreamers of love Cowardly we scorn those who dare Cadres hands for plunder of our cause.->❦➰➰❦ ❦➰➰❦ ❦➰➰❦ ❦➰➰❦<-

Our State of Rapture Though hairs on napes stand upright the skin is clammy cold on soft shoulders her arms and his young torso grown old Some hearts retained the warm flowing red and recollected from mosaic memory some belief The illicit flows and irrationality We juxtapose on those from long beforeWhen red was red before the bleeding dead mixed with all this shock and dryness of mouth hands gripped the steering or flung dishes shrieked rebukes, the lifeless millions of truths the shreds of evidence piled sky like pieces on tiles and stony silences and crocodile tears aghast with sentences of life.

5th February 2019, Gapyeong


Mosaic Memory falls into the category: Crosstitution Rips.

Our State of Rapture is similar to the seminal original in form and nature but falls into the category: Insomniac Heaven.

Thank you for taking the time to read my humble work. I reserve all rights to this work, including the right to edit or remove it at any time.

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