Concept: onchain meetups service to browse/create/promote local BCH related events.

Jun 16, 19

Short: onchain analogue of meetup/eventbrite for Bitcoin Cash events worldwide.


Bitcoin Cash adoption is growing, amount of meetups, workshops, new merchants starting to accept

BCH around the world is increasing from day by day. To be up-to-date, to empower further adoption

and community growth, a BCH-centric events board might be needed.

How it could help:

- a single place for all BCH related events - native donations/sponsorship to support events organizers (buy some beverages, pizza etc) - native BCH tokens support (attendance management for ex) - censorship resistance and pseudonymity (if someone experienced problems somewhere) - could be another points I missed…

Events body could be stored in op_return.

Event body fields (first draft):

LOKAD_PREFIX (2 bytes): "EV"

TYPE: (1 byte): ["m": meetup, "o": opening, "c": conference, "w":workshop]

DATE: (4 bytes) (unix timestamp 32 bit integer)

LATITUDE: (8 bytes) (double precision floating point)

LONGITUDE: (8 bytes) (double precision floating point)

TITLE: (1-55 bytes) (string)

EVENT-INFO : (bitcoinfiles uri) (16 byte blob or null)

TAG: (35 bytes) (string)

What do you think guys, is there a need in such a service, any ideas, proposals? 

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