Exploring my first Bitcoin Cash Dapp!

Jun 16, 19

Hello Friends

I am Siddartha and this is my first post on Honest Cash.

* Photo by Estée Janssens*

So one of my friends, Aleister pointed me to Honesh Cash. He knows I like to try quality Dapps so before dipping his toes he tasked me to find more about this site.

I don't write the best blogs, but still love to share about new Dapps, especially gaming Dapps which I find different from the crowd and worthy of my readers time. Till now I have mainly used Steemit (Steem) for my blogging adventures. Then a few months ago, jumped into Cent (ETH), Sapien (ETH) and recently Trybe (EOS). All of these platforms aim to provide free speech without any kind of censorship. Steemit led the way and overall all these platforms have been successful experiments. I say experiments, because they are not perfect and still need to improve a lot; especially in terms of how to restrict low quality content and discourage waves of bots which leech from the reward pools day in and out.

In terms of quality, I've seen Trybe being a better platform as it reviews all the submitted posts and only publishes the ones with at least some minimum level of quality. Though I'm not sure how they will keep up, if they have thousands of users! On the other hand, Cent and Honest Cash seems to have a model where there are no reward pools and readers pay from their account. I think this model is more sustainable in the long term as you basically can't game the system. If readers likes the content, he/she will tip; if not then they'll see something else. And for authors it means that they have to ensure that their content is not low quality.

So now I'm in, I'll try to post good quality content which my readers will find both interesting and useful.



I like to explore new Dapp projects, especially gaming projects.

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