Beware of Coinbase Exchange 

2019-07-22T08:11:33.000Z Honest Cash

Coinbase Exchange has horrible customer service although it states in there user agreement

 “2.2. Hosted Digital Currency Wallet. Your Digital Currency Wallet allows you to store, track, transfer, and manage your balances of Digital Currency. As used throughout, "Digital Currency" means only those particular digital currencies listed as available to trade or custody in your Coinbase Account (also referred to as “Supported Digital Currency”). Services and supported assets may vary by jurisdiction. We securely store Digital Currency private keys, which are used to process transactions, in a combination of online and offline storage. As a result of our security protocols, it may be necessary for us to retrieve private keys or related information from offline storage in order to facilitate a Digital Currency Transfers in accordance with your instructions, and you acknowledge that this may delay the initiation or crediting of such Digital Currency Transfers. You may elect to use other services, such as the Coinbase Vault, which allow you to set withdrawal time-delays and create other conditions around the custody and transfer of your Digital Currency. Additional rules associated with such product(s) and service(s) may apply.”

But if you look at the photos I have attached of the run around they give and then they just close the case.

So see where it says we may have to recover your private keys to facilitate  a transaction per user instructions, well if you send the wrong currency to an address BCH to BTC, you need your private key to sign a transaction in order to recover those funds, However coinbase refuses to sign the transaction with your private keys Nd instead they tell you that your funds are not recoverable.

This is there exact response 


Thank you for contacting Coinbase. Based on the information you provided, it seems like you have sent a specific type of cryptocurrency to the address of a different cryptocurrency. Since Coinbase does not support transactions where one cryptocurrency is sent to the address of a different cryptocurrency, we are unable to recover these funds.

You can confirm this on your end by reviewing the addresses associated with your account here: For future transactions, please only send cryptocurrency to that cryptocurrency's specific address. You can always find the most current address associated with your wallet by navigating to the Accounts page and selecting “Receive” next to the cryptocurrency you want to use.


Coinbase Support”

And that response is after this response 

Hi there,

Thanks for contacting Coinbase Support. I understand the importance of your digital currency and thank you for your patience with us.

I've taken a look at your case and am working with a specialist to address your issue properly. Please note that these reviews are typically completed within 5-7 business days.

Thanks again for your understanding.”

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