Will 2019 Be The Year of Virtual Reality (VR)?

Jun 16, 19

A few years ago, I tried out a simple smartphone VR headset and I was both excited for the potential uses of the interface but also underwhelmed for some reason (perhaps no reality will match the feeling of anticipation?). I am also aware that dedicated VR headsets are of higher quality than the smartphone VRs, but I still think it probably gives enough of a taste of VR to allow you to understand how a better quality product would look. Back then I assumed VR was going to be abruptly adopted (I guess?) and so I still wonder if this year then (2019) will be the year when VR is widely used. I do imagine it will become commonly utilized in time, although maybe more technological innovation will have to happen in the meantime.

Currently, it doesn't look like VR has much Mac and Linux support, and even what is available on Windows looks limited. Lately I have been looking in to how to set up a simple desktop in VR; I think if we could standardize a collection of open source plug-and-play "smartphone VR" apps for Android/iOS that stream the desktop from Windows/Mac/Linux that allow for a user to navigate with normal keyboard and mouse/trackpad, this would allow for VR to be more widely adopted. This software may already exist, but for me it seems to have required more digging to find than other projects, and what I tested so far didn't work so I think more simplification is needed.

VR looks like a new tool with the power to do good and ill; initially I thought it might be simply another idle distraction that might cause more people to get lost in a more vivid fantasy world of gaming, but I really like the idea of being able to crunch down a laptop monitor to a pair of goggles, which might also act as a tool for more vivid visualization and focus as it can cut out distractions. I have also wondered about if augmented reality (AR) glasses would be equally or more useful for desktop computing.

Overall I think it will be interesting to see how this year develops with virtual reality and I hope it can be used to create a lot more good in the world.

Do you think this year will lead to a greater embrace of VR technologies?

Have you tried VR and what did you think of it?

Let us know in the comments!

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