Looking for an opportunity.

2019-07-28T15:27:33.000Z Honest Cash

My life has changed a lot since the economic and social crisis in which Venezuela is submerged. In general, the life of Venezuelans has taken a 180 degree turn. My country went from being a colorful festival of happy and cordial people, to being a sad and evicted landscape of dull and faded colors.

Absolutely nothing is as it was. Like when an atomic bomb falls that destroys everything in its path and there is a totally deserted and desolate place. This has happened in Venezuela with the feeling of the people. Those who have decided to migrate to other countries (more than 4 million Venezuelans have left the country in search of a better life) miss Venezuela, but those of us who remain here miss her the most. Because I see it every day and I witness how life deteriorates day by day.

Stinky streets. Homeless people and people who don't have to eat looking for food in the trash. There is a belief that you can know the economic level of a neighborhood through the dogs that live there, because the fatter they are the better food they find in the trash. Well, know something: everyone here is thin and malnourished.

The basic services are real shit. Days or weeks without water by pipe. Power cuts several hours a day. The food inaccessible to the average worker. The slowest internet on the planet and with intermittent service. Obsolete public transport. A real shit

However, we exist we stay here to not deliver this beautiful country to communism. To the laziness. Who we want to fight for freedom and general welfare. Although my economic reality is very difficult, here I will continue fighting for a better future and that of my family.

The crisis affected me in such a way that I had to leave my university studies to just work. I was a student of Engineering and Mathematics. I always worked with food. When I was able to start studies for a professional cook, however, the high costs of food have not allowed me to complete my studies as a cook.

I am looking for an opportunity to get out of this bad moment in which I find myself trapped. I hope to find your support to raise only $ 300 to start my own food business and continue my cooking studies. This would really help me and my family. I consider myself a person who thrives in many ways and I am sure of achieving economic prosperity through my passion: cooking. If you can help me, I will be very grateful.

In cooking classes. Working to survive.