Honest money

Jul 10, 19

Honest money

In a world full of pitfalls, looking for honest money is brave. If you are one of them let me congratulate you. Getting honest money is a good therapy for our self-esteem, because honest money is money that comes from our physical and mental effort, where we have invested a lot of time and dedication to get honest money.

My name is Ramón Oropeza and I am looking for honest money every day. I work seven days a week in my trade, in my passion: cooking. I have two jobs, both in fast food restaurants. During the day, I cook "empanadas" for breakfast, then for brunch and lunch on the menu there is fried chicken with "arepitas" and tartar sauce or sautéed beef strips with chorizo ​​and arepitas. In the evening, I prepare hamburgers and "pepitos".

Empanadas. Fried chicken and arepitas. Grilled meat. "Pepitos" and


Although I work for more than 15 hours a day, I only earn $ 30 per month, but to cover the minimum monthly expenses, $ 900 per investigation is needed and that is what reality is. My reality is witness to this deterioration of the Venezuelan economy.

Working for more than 15H, earning only $ 30 per month.

I am 25 years old and still live with my mother (very common in Latin America, however, I want to become completely independent), we lack the most basic things such as water, electricity and domestic gas due to the bad management of the companies that are controlled by the Venezuelan government. In my home, we lack a refrigerator for more than 5 years, my kitchen only has one burner and the oven works. My mother suffers from the spine and the thyroid.

I am mentally and physically tired of this situation, however, I go out every day to fight for my life and that of my family looking for honest money. I do not let the sadness of my situation envelop me, rather I am grateful for this experience that has given me life. I have grown a lot personally and professionally, I am stronger and wiser.

I only want an opportunity

I'm looking for an opportunity, to help me stop surviving and help me live. I have worked on a project to start a business of my own, to continue making honest money and thus be able to help my family, friends and all I can. But for this I must help myself, build myself and grow. I hope to get your help. The idea is business is to buy and sell food products. I'm looking to collect $ 300 to start. I really hope you can and decide to help me. I'll be very greatful.

Chef. Venezuelan.

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5 Jun 19 01:09

Sent over $10 to help support. Thanks for joining the community and I hope you reach your goal!


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4 Jun 19 09:22

Do you have a tip address I can send to?

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4 Jun 19 09:18

Thank you for sharing your story. Economic violence via governments is causing so many to suffer. I am looking forward to upvoting this as soon as a can (currently there is a bug and I cannot upvote anything). Wishing you the best. I’ll send a tip to your tip address if you have one.

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4 Jun 19 11:01

Greetings, I am grateful that you want to support me. This is my address in Honest.Cash bitcoincash: qqnx98jepxk9hm3fzc56ngtzwfvrn0vyasrexlwqj9

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1 Jun 19 12:48

Your food looks very tasty. I am sure that you will soon earn the money and succeed with your own business.

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1 Jun 19 10:31

Greetings my friend, thank you. I work to make it that way!

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1 Jun 19 06:10

Wow you are an amazing writer. Please keep posting here and showing us pictures. I think in the end your hard work will pay off.

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1 Jun 19 10:37

Thanks for thinking that I am a good writer. I really work hard to achieve my goals and be happy, despite the difficulties.

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