2019-10-02T00:31:41.000Z Honest Cash


I have been paid the first fortnight of my work. I love the place, I thank life for giving me this job. It may be a consequence of my actions or it has really been God who has put me here. Or both. Anyway, I'm grateful.

I am working in one of the best restaurants in my city Barquisimeto, doing what I love, in the country I love. In spite of everything, I'm still here.

The reasons that make me so happy are several. Mainly, because I am doing it I love it: cooking, but also because I am with great companions and cooks from whom I am learning many new things and that makes me very happy. Sharing with true human beings is always a great pleasure. I 've been very lucky.

The working conditions in general are good. Compared to other restaurants I've worked, here are the best. It reminds me of a renowned restaurant in Barquisimeto, very visited here but lousy service for its employees. We had no bathroom and we had to do our physiological needs in the mountains because it is on the outskirts of the city. Horrible that experience.

Also, I love this job because I am always doing something and I never get bored. And so, it allows me to forget while I work on all my problems and those of my family. It is my daily amnesia to the reality that I must face in Venezuela.

As soon as I enter the restaurant, I go into hypnosis. Because despite being doing what I love and being in a good place with special people. The salary is not enough due to hyperinflation in the country. I hope soon my country will leave this storm and I will continue here, doing what I love and helping my family.

 "I am looking for an opportunity to get out of this bad moment in which I find myself trapped. I hope to find your support to raise only $ 300 to start my own food business and continue my cooking studies. This would really help me and my family. I consider myself a person who thrives in many ways and I am sure of achieving economic prosperity through my passion: cooking. If you can help me, I will be very grateful."