Can Bitcoin help me?

Jun 16, 19

Greetings friends of Honest Cash. My best wishes to all. My name is Ramón Oropeza, I'm from Venezuela and in recent months I've been going through very bad economic times. Not only because my job as a cook is not enough, but also because the crisis in Venezuela is getting deeper every day. To understand it you must be here and suffer it as the Venezuelan working class suffers. Basic services are no longer covered: water, electricity and food are the headaches of every day.

I'm here to find out if the Bitcoin community can help me out of this bad time, I'm sure there are people and users of this blockchain who want to see a better and happier world. If you are one of them do not hesitate to help me, well, I am also one of them.

Right now I am looking for just $ 300 dollars to start my own business and so root out many of my economic problems and so you can contribute to the community of Bitcoin, which is being attacked in recent days.

I am a young worker and responsible, I look for and fight for a better life as much of you. If today you have the possibility of helping me, I am sure that life will reward you for all the good you do for others. From now on I thank you and my regards.

Chef. Venezuelan.

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1 Jun 19 12:19

You're in the right place. I think the Bitcoin Cash Community will help you. I would rather not count on Bitcoin Core BTC hodler.

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