Call of duty: Education in Venezuela 2019-2020.

2019-10-07T18:32:01.000Z Honest Cash

The government has been very successful in destroying the two levers for the progress of the people: work and education. The self-appointed President Worker has achieved the miracle that no worker can live today with his salary, including educators of all levels, who have been condemned to lead a life of misery and destitution. In this way, the government has managed to impose this perverse mentality that it is not worth studying or working because they are not doors for social ascent. Hence, schools, high schools and universities are not only running out of teachers who massively abandon education in search of a job or a place where they can live with dignity, but they are also running out of students, who do not see sense to study and strive because reselling any product can earn a salary many times higher than their teachers.

Back to school is being very difficult not only for teachers but for students and their families. It is terrifying to learn about prices, not only for uniforms, shoes and books, but for such elementary things as a pencil sharpener, a pencil or a notebook. And to the legitimate protests, it responds with blows. Poor government that sends its thugs to beat the teachers!

But we cannot abandon education if we want the country to rise from its ashes. It is urgent that we all collaborate in their salvation, a condition for achieving a prosperous and peaceful country. We are in the Knowledge Society, and worldwide, there is a general consensus that education is the fundamental means to combat violence, build citizenship and achieve sustainable development. Therefore, while it is true that the new school year is full of problems and difficulties, genuine educators cannot allow problems to overwhelm us, discourage us and defeat us. We all need to shake off the pessimism and fears, become courageous, resilient, creative people, able to enthusiastically assume the mission of educators and understand and live their work as a fundamental means to produce abundant life for all, starting with them that they must demand a salary and living conditions consistent with the importance of their work.

These are times to cultivate the pedagogy of committed hope and of love made service. The decision of those who have chosen to stay in the country cannot become an act of resignation and regrets, but it must be a determined attitude that translates into working to defeat resignation and fear, and strengthen resilience, The commitment and solidarity.

For the reconstruction of Venezuela, educators are more necessary and important than economists, politicians and the military. Therefore, although the country's crisis has caused the collapse of education, we must work firmly to save it and work with dedication and dedication for quality education for all that lay the foundations for a prosperous, productive and peaceful Venezuela. That will require quality educators, willing to give their best, who, despite the problems, assume their work with enthusiasm, responsibility and creativity.

“I am raising funds to start my own food business, and thus manage to finance my cooking studies and complete them. I need only $ 300 to start. Only with my job is it difficult to complete the goal due to the hyperinflation that plagues Venezuelans. If you can support me I will be grateful ”