Broken families, rotten society

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My subjects are always about food or my daily life, I have even written about cryptocurrencies. But today I have a feeling of nostalgia about my family, broken and separated by bad times. My relatives (and probably I will) have had to emigrate to find a better future. Ending many traditions of entire generations. Many Venezuelan families are going through this situation.

According to figures provided by the United Nations, more than four million Venezuelans have emigrated since 2015 and warn with concern that this figure could soon double.

Our compatriots are fleeing the economic crisis, insecurity and multiple tragedies induced by the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse that ravage our homeland: corruption, dogmatism, populism and disability.

His bestial presence has unleashed an unprecedented destruction of what was once one of the most prosperous economies on the continent. In fact, between 1920 and 1980, Venezuela was the fastest growing economy on the planet and our currency, along with the Swiss Franc, the strongest in the world.

Each sword strike of these 4 spawns has been able to decapitate entire sectors of our economy as happened with the oil industry, the agriculture leaving a sequel to hunger, shortage and malnutrition, the health sector with the consequent wake of deaths and diseases, the services public leaving without electricity and without water to entire cities, education which empties schools and universities that are left without teachers, professors or students, the manufacturing sector causing the closure of thousands and thousands of industries, where prosperity was once manufactured for Venezuela.

Anyway, as luck of Genghis Khan whose hordes left nothing in their path, these Horsemen of the Apocalypse have destroyed everything, killing, stealing and looting without contemplation and deceiving a people who were led to believe they were redeemers when in reality they did not they are more than an abomination arising from the evils of hatred, resentment and lack of values.

But I do not want to insist on data or figures that, although devastating, fail to describe the magnitude of the tragedy measured on the scale that counts most: human suffering.

I refer to the suffering of those who are forced to leave everything fleeing, in precarious conditions, towards an uncertain future looking for in other lands what their land was denied.

I refer to the suffering of the parents who accompany their children to the airport without knowing if they can see them again. To broken families, spread over several countries that will fight in places where they have no roots and where it is therefore much more difficult to achieve the goals that in their own homeland would have been within their reach.

I refer to the suffering of a society that was proud of its history that had brought freedom to other neighboring nations, a society that had generously welcomed those who had been fleeing their own tragedies, but that today are often perceived as a burden for those who had once welcomed.

I refer to the suffering of some grandparents who have been orphaned by children and grandchildren and who stand up every day paralyzed without the illusion of recovering that family life that was once the reason for being in a daily struggle. To the anguish of knowing that each child is delivered to their own fate and that one's fate is trapped within a chaotic whirlwind of absurd events that must never have occurred.

I refer to frustration over achievements and lost opportunities. To the uncertainty that omnipresent fills the spaces previously occupied by hope. To the dejection that every morning overwhelms many when waking up with the sensation that everything that could have been is escaping them like salt and water between impotent hands that before were able to work with effort a future full of compensations.

"I am looking for an opportunity to get out of this bad moment in which I find myself trapped. I hope to find your support to raise only $ 300 to start my own food business and continue my cooking studies. This would really help me and my family. I consider myself a person who thrives in many ways and I am sure of achieving economic prosperity through my passion: cooking. If you can help me, I will be very grateful."


RE: Broken families, rotten society

by @Geri

Rotting society...

When you collect 50% tax, most corporation will move away, smartest people losing they job and they start to flip burgers at mcdonalds.

When you collect 70% tax, you have no free healthcare, you cant give a 4x4 meter concrete room for homeless which they can close down with they own lock, and people learn fake science in colleges from debts they could never pay back.

When you nationalize everything for the state, effectively having 100% tax, and reach the ultimate socialism, you dont have toilet paper. But thats not a problem, because you dont have anything to eat, so no need for toilet paper any more. 

Socialism, feminism, liberalism is a tumor on our society, cryptocurrency is the ark of noah, the path to economic survival.

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by @D4D

The ownership of money you generated is no different from an ownership of a car. This is why we calling it "yours".

Taking any amount of it by force is robbery and not fair share.

Only those can let the government to do this, who are feeling utter hatred towards money, calling loving it the root of all evil and they hate the rich, since they are refusing to understand the monetary system.

This, and nothing else caused the crisis of Venezuela, and all the monetary crises of the world. There is absolutely no other explanation for this. The people are scammed by their religion and by their politicians. That's all.

The problem under democracy is that the minority will suffer the criminality of the majority. I have no problem watching to suffer those, who hate money. For me, they are like oxygen haters. They can drown if they will, who cares? But I do care about the minority, which can be the 49% of the people (or more, since we talking about commies) who voted against Chavez, those who were too young to vote and those who didn't born at the time yet.They are the real victims.

Much strength to you my friend!

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by @ramonoropeza

Thank you very much for your support my friend. It is really as you say: those who are suffering all the consequences of socialism and this corrupt government are those born between the years 90 and 2000. They are the ones who decide to leave. Those who have received a poor education and have seen nothing but this terrible system. As data I can tell you that it is known that there are children in Venezuela (and surely in other parts of the world but it was not seen here) that do not know an apple or a pear, because their value is inaccessible to these people.

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by @D4D

Take my deepest compassion. I constantly trying to tell this as much people as I can. Hopefully your situation get solved after that mustache-motherfucker die finally!

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by @ramonoropeza

This will be my friend. I am sure that at the moment that all this happened and the country took the right course. It won't take long to change our lives. Particularly I find myself constantly working on my person. I am a cook and I seek to improve myself day by day. Thank you.

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by @D4D

Some relevant addition:

Curt Howland's answer about the governments:

"I pay because if I didn’t I would be murdered, or imprisoned, and whatever I had would be taken anyway. Those who murdered or kidnapped me would be hailed as heroes for their actions against a “law breaker”.

If I dared to try to defend myself against that robbery and kidnapping, I would be murdered, labeled as a terrorist, and make the news cycle worldwide as an example of why one must always obey government."

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by @ramonoropeza

This is my friend. I am an exceptional witness. I live in this nightmare. Unusual things I live daily. Thanks to the rotten system that has been installed in Miraflores.

I agree with you. Cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain come to break all the schemes. I think that in the not too distant future, these technologies will allow us to free ourselves from governments and any type of corrupt intermediary.