BLOG: I've renounced. Without hope about Venezuela.

2019-08-12T01:57:04.000Z Honest Cash

Last Wednesday was my last day at my job. He had announced it since last Saturday. My last days at work were very normal: complying with the routine, between laughter and industriousness.

Many of my friends have been surprised by the news. They are surprised that he has abandoned the security of a "safe" weekly income. However, when I explain they understand me and it is because it happens to themselves. I will give that explanation to you here.

Being employed in Venezuela will not prevent you from eating badly. That is a very cruel truth, but it is so. Besides, my job is not easy: it's about being more than 10 hours standing in constant motion, so I just exhausted, I only had one day off and working conditions were somewhat precarious.

I love working in the kitchen and I am good at it. I trust my abilities to get another job very fast. However, I explain to my friends and you (who are also) that I don't work for money, I work to learn, to grow as a cook. That also led me to give up: I was tired of frying chicken.

I learned a lot in my stay at this job: I was in charge of the kitchen, I learned to handle another type of fryer, now I am faster and stronger. I am grateful to the universe for this. And he knows that I want more.

Now with the embargo things will get more difficult in Venezuela, I see no other way out but to leave the country: to be a migrant. I have no hope to stay here. I only find myself training to go to another country and work in the kitchen. I still haven't finished my cooking studies, I'm looking for a way to raise $ 300 to start a business that helps me support my family and continue my cooking studies. If you can help me I will be very grateful. Thank you very much to the entire HonestCash community for your solidarity.

fried chicken. My coworkers. Cooking Chinese rice. Working without electric service. Electrical failures are constant.


RE: BLOG: I've renounced. Without hope about Venezuela.

by @merhalish

May GOD be with you and Jesus guide you. You are in my prayers.

RE: RE: BLOG: I've renounced. Without hope about Venezuela.

by @ramonoropeza

Amen. Thank you very much for your prayers, too.