Blog: I earned a bitcoin in Venezuela (+Look how)

2019-09-02T04:56:13.000Z Honest Cash

As you read HonestCash community, in August 23, I earned a representative Bitcoin currency. Hahaha. It does not have the value of a Bitcoin. But it represents a lot for me and surely for all Cryptocurrency and Blockchain enthusiasts.

My first Bitcoin.

YacambĂș University presented the Conference "BlockChain, Cryptocurrencies and Disruptive Technologies", presented by Dr. Benito Hamidiam (Dean Faces Univ. Carabobo), the Econ. Robert Parga (Dir. School of Economics Univ. Carabobo) and Ing. Carlos Moreno (Prof. Postgraduate Faces Univ. Carabobo); which was attended by university authorities, administrative and teaching staff, in addition to the student community.

The panel

The event was held as a preamble to the next Diploma in Cryptocurrencies, where topics such as Fintech, BlockChain, Smart Contracts, Cryptocurrencies, ICOs, Legal and Accounting Aspects of Cryptocurrency Mining and Commerce will be studied, among.

At the end of the presentations there was a surprise on the part of one of the guests, it was a contest of three questions. The first winner turned out to be me. The three awards were a representative bitcoin currency. The contest was sponsored by a technology store in the city of Barquisimeto.

As an anecdote, I can point out that there was a blackout of those that occurs daily throughout the country. Luckily, the university has a power plant. However, the rapporteur during that time continued with the conference and the public maintained order.

Personally, I'm happy with the conference, well, it was very general. The topics discussed had a pedagogical approach to the public that barely knows that there are Cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain. These types of events are increasingly numerous in the country, because, entrepreneurs who still believe in Venezuela, see in the Cryptocurrencies a business opportunity and face the very hard hyperinflation that the Venezuelan economy eats daily.

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