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To become a great chef, you need to be a possessor of several qualities. It will not be worth to be a great chef if you do not have certain values. On the contrary, a small apprentice can become a great cook only because of his attitudes and aptitudes and discipline.

The chef must be characterized for maintaining great discipline and passion for his work. The cook's job is to do, in good measure, art. Well, it must delight the senses of the diners. Here I will present 5 qualities that a chef must have to achieve this goal.


Every cook must take with him the being clean, educated, maintain the composure, be disciplined, passionate and enterprising. Here I leave you five qualities that summarize the good behavior of a chef:

1. Attitude and aptitude: the cook must show passion for the profession through his constant participation and learning. It is his need to remain in permanent learning with his colleagues. Willing to participate in all the activities of the kitchen from preparing a meal to clean and maintain neat the establishment.

2. Neatness: Having an impeccable presence. Nowadays it is common to see cooks with unifome of dark color, although it can be for fashion, it can also become a bad habit to cover their dirt. You should keep both the clean work area and your personal hygiene: short nails, short beard or hair, clean hands and impeccable uniform. This guarantees a very good impression for the diners. As well as the management of hygiene and food safety standards.

3. Organization: Keeping order in each of the activities that you do in the kitchen is key to success. Prepare a good "mise en place" for each area and preparation, guarantees speed when serving dishes in order to meet the times promised to customers. You should also be interested in taking good management of resources in order to give better returns to the business.

4. Responsibility: The chef depends on the prestige of the kitchen where he works, that is why he must have a great sense of responsibility. Being punctual and fulfilling each of the activities in the kitchen, being a good companion and achieving teamwork is essential to be a good cook.

5. Entrepreneur: this attitude is very important in the success of any cook, the desire to excel, not be afraid to express their creativity and boost their cuisine to new horizons, adding new dishes and new techniques. Providing knowledge and not stop learning, continue specializing in various areas. Looking for perfection being perfectible.

What other qualities should a cook have?

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