Got To Admit It's Getting Better

2019-08-31T10:52:46.000Z Honest Cash

Things have begun to turn around. I did lose my job at CCN. I was charged with a false OUI. There's more about that here. (Just hit the play button.)

Today I'm looking at a house I can afford. I've been freelancing. If things go right, I'll come out making more money.

My wife will likely be convicted. (FYI, they list everyone as a male.) I spoke to the prosecutor. I'm hoping she can get sentenced to mental health treatment. Then they wouldn't let her go until she was better.

There's a chance I'm starting a new venture. I need to be patient. God provides.

There have been some new love interests. I'm going down to the coast to visit one today. Fortunately I did something a bit inventive with Woodcoin this week, that earned me some decent donations.

I wonder if you've played with BCH at yet? You could use strategies like this one