2019-08-01T02:33:38.000Z Honest Cash
Sebec Lake

After five hard years in Arkansas, I am once again in a place where we don't play all that nonsense.

My ex is on her way to prison, if there is any justice.

As long as she lives and breathes I will have to worry about my children for real.

At least here, I know we'll come to a quick consensus and sort her out. In Arkansas it was like she had immunity: deranged white woman cannot go to jail. Until she actually hurt a child. It's all on you, Arkansas. I'm considering my options as far as lawsuits go.

My resources were pretty well fucking exhausted. During this trip I had to replace a bunch of car parts and pay for hotels and endless snack/restaurant trips for four kids under 5.

If you want to help with that you can go to or go to and pick up a digital copy of my book. You can also just visit and have some fun at the casino. One option for a VPN is Opera browser, which has it built in.

I like Bitcoin Cash as much or more than I like Bitcoin anymore. My last crypto purchase was Bitcoin Cash and USDC.

What are you all up to? More pictures to come later from this pretty area I grew up in. I'm glad I can afford to live here now. Our properties are a bit run down these days, but they're still ours.