A Little Money and Some Self-Control Goes A Long Way

Sep 18, 19

There's this song where the guy is like, "I'd still sell my soul / For a little bit of money / And some self-control." 

I think that's a brilliant lyric, and I think of it often lately. A little money and a little self-control go a long way, I figure. 

In the end, we're all just here, trying to claw our way forward, doing our best, maybe. 

But maybe some aren't doing their best. Is that the problem? Oh, probably not. 

The trick is to not get overly invested in outcomes. 

Just roll the dice and hope to survive to the next round. 

Demanding or expecting much more than that will get you rekt, ultimately.

There's just no reason to hold on to nonsense. 

Staff writer for news.bitstarz.com, formerly of CCN.com - https://phm.link

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