Letter to a dear artist/activist friend

Jun 16, 19

Recipient has almost no exposure to decentralized digital currency, sadly the experience she did have was negative. She is an artist, social activist, and influencer. In the interest of world progress, I sent her this:


Lot's of people say that money is at the root of many (if not all) problems and injustice. I would tend to agree. It's at the center and no one really questions or even thinks about what this entity is or why most [people] spend their whole lives as a slave to it. It's just 'accepted'. People are slaves to debt, to the economy.

Well, I've been learning a lot. Questioning what money even is. And I just felt I should share this [video] with you. It's long. You can get a lot just from the first 15 min. But it's so full of solid info/history.

It's about the central banks, namely the federal reserve. Which, did you know the federal reserve is not actually part of the government? It's privately owned! They own the world as slaves to debt. Everyone, all races, genders, religions and creeds. It's not a conspiracy. It's true, just no one ever talks or thinks about it.


Now, I know we don't talk much anymore and I'm sad about this. And I know this isn't high on your list of things to be active about. But. I think I know you, and I think you would be a proponent. It's a huge movement -Crypto Currencies -money by the people, for the people.. controlled by no one. I really think this could be the biggest social, civic, and world movement to happen in thousands of years. A true freedom from corruption, manipulation, suppression, and slavery for all. 

It's helping so many disenfranchised peoples. And has the potential to help more people than anything else.

You don't have to understand the technology to use and benefit from it. Essentially it's a form of trust. From linking land deeds of poor people in the slums of Africa to the blockchain making it so these women truly own the land (and it can't be stolen by warlords), to guaranteeing an election untarnished by cheating. Banks can be a thing of the past. No more corrupt wall st stealing everyone's money. No more bribing government. Accountability.

The currency itself is actually very easy to use. You don't need a bank account.

Anyway, I'm not asking you to spend your precious time researching every last bit of it. I just want you to know. There will always be naysayers, they're just scared of losing power (or scared what they don't understand). Many are afraid to admit they were wrong, or afraid of change. But I think you should have an open mind and/or even be a slight advocate of bitcoin. I promise it's good, good for all. So much better than a currency controlled by people who want to continue holding us slaves. There's all sorts of movements connected to bitcoin. Anarcho liberated countries, societies, etc. There are even extremes, but most just want freedom. . use me as a resource. 

I have been researching this (among many other topics) for years. The fundamentals are solid, proven (9 years), and I'm totally on board… and I'm dead serious, I think this is the most powerful tool for change and equity that the world has ever seen.

Please keep this in mind, as an artist, activist and influencer.. 

Last note: a lot of it is being portrayed in the media sometimes as an 'investment', for people to make USD.. but that's not the mission. The mission is to not use USD. To free ourselves.

Use me. I miss you. <3

This movement may not be perfect. And it might not succeed. But it is full to the brim with potential, and quite possibly the most important innovation the world will see for hundreds of years. Awareness, education, and adoption is key. Lest we vanish into digital oblivion.

Writer is not a coder and is still somewhat new. My only intent was spreading awareness. 

Learn to distinguish the signal from the noise. - I read, think, question, and occasionally write. Also, advocate for the liberation of our money â‚¿ (or other)

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