Hey Hey Hey! Welcome me this is oodeyaa here from India.

Jun 16, 19

Hey #HonestCash community and friends good evening it's my first post here and I am sharing my introduction with all of you I am thankful to Team Honest Cash for sharing this awesome opportunity with us.

I am Udai Pratap Singh from New Delhi India, I am a registered stock broker in Indian Stock Exchange and running my booking business from New Delhi. Basically I am a #Steemit blogger and very excited to join this awesome platform the #whaleshares where I will experience and explore new and awesome opportunities together.

A traveller: Friends I love to travel beautiful and marvellous places and It will be a great pleasure for me to share my travel experiences with you.

A poet : Friends sometimes I write some interesting and good poems and it will be more interesting when I will share those with you.

Lover of life: I love to write about the beauty and blessings of life we received and I hope you will like and enjoy my writing and views.

A photographer: Friends whenever I found something beautiful and interesting I tried to capture that moment and makes it awesome, although I am not professional photographer but you will really enjoy my photography.

A trader: Besides my broking business I love to trade specially on cryptocurrencies, forex, and sometimes I make long term positions on commodities and equity.

A good human being: Finally I try my best to be a good human being and it's the best part of my life sometimes I failed but most of the times I succeeded to be a good human being.

Thank you for your unbelievable love and support dear friends.


I am oodeyaa

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