Celebrating the festival of colours, The Holi and story behind this festival.

Jun 16, 19

Celebrating the festival of colours, The Holi and story behind this festival.

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Wish you Happy Holi to all my wonderful and beautiful friends of this wonderful community. Friends yesterday we Indians celebrated the festival of colours, called Holi. Friends this festival is celebrated all over the world and specially in every part of our country India, a very prominent festival of Hindus and there is so many mythological stories about the celebration of the festival. According to Hindu mythology in Satya Yuga almost 20000 years ago from today there was a Demon King named Hiranya Kashyap very notorious for his deeds and misbehaving to the saints and his people. He claimed himself as the God after the boon of Tridev The Brahma, Vishnu And Shiva Ji which he taken after a huge and very hard penance, that he will not die nor on earth not in sky or not in abiss, not in day or not in night, nor by any weapon or not by any mantra, not by any God or any demon, not by any man or animal, not killed in the home or outside the home. So due to this boon it was impossible to kill him by the God and he became the demon in which kingdom no one can even take the name of God. Once his wife Kayadhu given birth to a child named Prahlad, a child who was the firm determined for the worship of Lord Vishnu. The father of Prahlad the King Hiranyakashyapu was very anger on him and send his sister named Holika to kill his own son. Holika was also a demon and had boon from the Lord Brahma Ji who given her a Chunri or blanket and told her that if you cover this and enters into the fire nothing will happen to you, so she taken Prahlad in her lap and enters into the burning fire and due to the boon of Brahma Ji she assumes that nothing will happen to her and child Prahlad will die, but this time due to the blessings of Lord Vishnu Holika burned and that blanket saves the child Prahlad and from that day we all Hindu collects some woods and fire them as a symbolic for that Holika and pray to God for the safety of humanity and believes that this Holika will eliminate and burn all the calamities, bad things and our bad habits. When people saw that their Crown Prince Prahlad is totally safe and that demon Holika killed they started colouring each other with the colours and started the festival of colours which is celebrated every year on the Falgun Mas or Month on the night of Poornima or Full moon, and the festival of Spring also started. This is a symbolic celebration of good over evil, truth over false, God over demons.

Due to the death of Holika King Hiranyakashyapu got angry and knot his son into a pillar and pickup his dagger and shouted stop chanting the name of Lord Vishnu and worship him as the God because your God Vishnu couldn’t do anything mine, when Prahlad denies his proposal and started chanting again the name of Lord Vishnu, the King Hiranyakashyapu got angry and shouted to his son Prahlad call his Lord Vishnu as he is going to behead him, where is your God is he is in this pillar then Prahlad said yes He is in this pillar He is in everywhere He is in me and He is equally in you. At that moment the Lord Narsingh appears from the pillar who was half men and half lion so he is not a man or animal and that was early morning not day or not night, he was not a God and not a demon as His incarnation was just, He lifted the King and stood at the entrance point of the home so He is not in the home or not out the home and put him on his lap so he is not in the sky or not on the earth but in the lap of Narsingh and tear the belly of the King by his claws and nails so He not used any weapon or mantra and finished the King Hiranyakashyapu.

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Here I am adding the picture of Holika burning which took place at the every part of India.

And next day after this we celebrate the festival of colours and meet each other colour each other and makes the special sweet Gujhiya which is made of Flour, dry fruits and Khoya (By product of milk) add sugar according to our taste.

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Friends this day people sing folks song specially dedicated to the Holi and local mythological stories and God and these folk songs called “Fag” in my local language.

Some peoples celebrate the colour with the extract of flowers and some used flowers to colour each other and most of use colours and Gulal to colour each other. This festival is celebrated as the festival of brotherhood love and happiness

here below I am adding some photographs of colours and celebration of this festival which I received from my several friends as I requested them to share their beautiful moments with me and I will put them in my this beautiful post so all the credit goes to those beautiful people.

Let’s celebrate the festival of colours.

Happy Holi

I am oodeyaa

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