A noble-man.

Jun 16, 19

A noble-man.


A man is known for his noble deeds,

Who always works and perform his duties.

His work’s of kindness are always praised,

His moral is high and his character is raised.

He is always ready to sacrifice,

Dear to Him that everything nice.

He loves his country at the clear earnest,

He never fails to serve the nation even in rest.

A kind hearted noble man never fails to serve,

The poor needy and down trodden by his nerve.

He served them food, clothes and every need,

In doing good service, he is always succeed.

One who always perform the noble deeds,

He is honoured with grace in human creeds.

He passes his time with great reverence,

He stands for truth and non violence.

A beautiful poem written by @oodeyaa

I am oodeyaa

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