A Candle In The Wind - A Poetic Tribute

Jun 16, 19

Princess Diana

A Candle In The Wind

Gentle like a lamb

Harmless like a dove

Loving like a mother

You brought kindness to the world.

Brilliant like a pearl

Unique like the stars

Rare like a unicorn

You were a gem in our hearts.

Upright like a saint

Innocent like a child

Compassionate to a fault

You were the love that we craved.

Sparkling like a diamond

Shinning like the stars

Glowing in the dark

You were a light to the world.

Alluring like a mystery

Charming like a spell

Beautiful like a goddess

You were a gift to the world.

Radiant like the sun

Dazzling like the stars

Splendid like the earth

You were a mystery in your time.


Yet always simple


Yet always humble

You were the epitome of humility.

But you were blown out so sudden 

Like a candle in the wind

At the start of your reign

Without saying goodbye.

Farewell Late Princess Diana

In our hearts, you are Earth’s greatest human loss.

@nicewoody69 writes

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