Qurito - Curiosity Redefined!!

Jun 16, 19

Qurito - Curiosity Redefined!!

Today i bring you another way to post, have fun and earn!!!

Qurito is a platform for people to discover, gain and share their ideas and knowledge. The primary goal of Qurito is to deliver reliable and valuable content that is free of promotional spam or other various forms of unwanted content. As a result, the users of the platform can grow and explore in an effective and efficient manner. Qurito differs from other pre-existing knowledgebase platforms in a unique way through an incentive program. Qurito incorporates a rewarding system, which rewards users for their contributions within the platform. This reward system will subsequently bring out more qualitative and quantitative content that will be shared on the platform.

Pillars of Qurito

- Q&A : Reinventing Q&A. Introducing a platform that yields rewards by Q&A based on Analytics. Qurito enhances the way people share knowledge, views and ideas. Qurito aims to bring volume of qualitative content over the platform via reward system. "Q&A will never be the same again." - Polls : Redefining Polls. Qurito Polls enable efficient recording of public opinions and to get better perspective of people's views. Polls also have the rewarding system similar to Q&A but it accounts hosting and participation parameters. "Opinions much broader." - Forums : Revolutionising Public Forums. Qurito Forums open a much broader way to create and participate in Forums with a twist. Forums incorporate rewards based on analytics and activities. Amazing User Interfaces and Experiences are the driving forces of the platform. "Discussions more rich."

It has a referal system to in which:

- When someone registers using your referral link, you both get 100 Quritos. - There is no maximum cap on earnings.

It's a nice place to share and earn!!!

Join here if you want to have more fun!!!

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