New ICO Bither!!!! - Get Bither NOW!!!!!

Jun 16, 19

New ICO Bither!!!! - Get Bither NOW!!!!!

Hi….i want to introduce you new faucet:…but here we are not earning Bitcoins, Dash………we were earning Bither. is a Faucet website where visitors are rewarded by Bithers.



Try your luck every 2 hours playing our game and win up to 25 Bithers.


Invite your friends by your referral link and get rewards equal to 25% of their earnings.


All you need to do is to accumulate at least 3 Bithers in your account, you will be able to withdraw your coins after the ICO within 24 hours….

But wait!!! it's in ICO stage now, so there are not real Bithers Crypto Coins yet….that's why this faucet is allowing for now to withdraw Ethereum instead of Bithers…

You heard well: you go for Bither and get Ethereum in withdrawal proccess:

"As long as Bither Mainnet is not launched, you can withdraw your balance as Ethereum based tokens, the minimum withdrawal amount is 3 Bither, and takes place at 15th (for requests from 1st to 14th) and 30th (for requests from 16th to 29th) of every month. Please note that you need to change your Ethereum address to Bither address right after the launch of Bither network. After the launch of Bither Mainnet, you can not withdraw your asset as Ethereum based tokens which means they are only available as BTR coins. At this stage, the minimum withdrawal amount would be 0.1 BTR."

You can check it here:[]( and you can join it here:[](

So what do you think about it?

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