Luke Nandibear - Taking a break from life in the States - Bitcoin Cash free the world! - 2019

Jun 16, 19

Finally getting around to making my first post at Honest.Cash! Intended to post something for Christmas and New Years, just didn't have the time (family and work).

Yesterday was taking photos (attached below) of the Nandi Bear on the malecón (or seawall) by the ocean. Yamaha bike fell over and the windshield broke. The Nandibear fit perfectly into the broken area so we decided to take a spin!

Also looked for Bitcoin Cash ATMs here in RD. There's one company called BitRD that owns and operates several or more Bitcoin [Core] ATMS (they also allow buy and sell of Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash and and Ethereum Classic). Plan on speaking with them in regard to adding Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

Their website ( does list Bitcoin Cash as being available at some locations (although when I visited those locations the machines didn't support BCH). Pics from a couple of locations are provided below:

Both machines offered buy and sell. The machine on the left dispensed and accepted US dollars only (sold $200 bucks of BTC). The machine on the right dispensed and accepted Pesos RD only. Some other locations offered buy only (usually in pesos). You can look up each location on their website (shows a different exchange rate for each location).

Here's a pic of me (last month) at my BCH hideout in the countryside. Been working on it on and off for a few years.

Added a water well last summer (about 250 feet deep). Plan on finishing the 2nd level of the BCH hideout before Christmas 2019:

At some point within the last year (don't remember exactly when) also added a septic tank:

Thanks for taking the time to read the foregoing post. You can also find the Nandibear at the following sites:

- - - is a website where books can be tracked as they travel the world. Just print a passport sticker and affix it to the inside cover of a book!

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