Unwrapping Your Gifts, The Three Types of Career Paths

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By: Marcus K. Wright

A career is defined by WordHippo.com as “One’s calling in life”. There are three primary career paths which each require either an advanced mind, body, or spirit. Some people have an extraordinary mind which gives them an advance intellect and problem solving abilities. While others have a strong body giving them extreme might and craftiness. Then certain people have an exceptional spirit that makes them naturally friendly and inspiring.

The first career path is ‘ideas’ which requires a bright mind. Idea career paths focus on the intellect or thoughts to prosper in the occupation. Examples include authors, researchers, and ministers.

The second career path is ‘things’ that needs a tough body. Thing careers focus on objects and physical material. Some popular examples of occupations under the ‘things’ path is a mechanic, construction worker, and craftsman/woman.

Third is the people career path which demands a bold spirit. People careers focus on dealing with people and social interactions. A handful of examples of people occupations include managers, salesmen, and nurses.

Idea Careers

For those who are gifted to pursue idea careers, you must have a sharp mind. These professionals must have vivid imaginations that can grasp big concepts easily and work through ideas mindfully. These type of career paths involve staying in one place, writing reports and literature, and deeply thinking through concepts before they are ever realized.

Below is a list of idea careers based on the level of intellect needed.

Maximally Idea Careers

- Magazine Editor, Poet, Screenwriter, Advertising Copywriter, Speechwriter, Songwriter, Technical writer, Author, Literary Critic, Philosopher.

Moderately Idea Careers

- Economist, Journalist, Accountant, Banker, Statistician, Mathematician, Genealogist, Office Law, Architecture, Musical Composer.

Minimally Idea Careers

- Clerk, Cartographer (mapmaker), Pioneer (of all kinds), Explorer, Advertiser, Fashion Designer, Interior Decorator.

Thing Careers

Professionals working in thing careers must have a powerful body. Those in thing occupations work with their hands to mold physical material to their will. Plus, they must have the grit to tough out the mightiest of tasks. Career paths in this category takes strong hands, grit, and a talent for working with physical things.

Below is a list of thing careers based on the level of craftsmanship need.

Maximally Thing Careers

- Mechanic, Manufacturer (of all kinds), Farmworker, Truck Gardener, Airplane Pilot, High-Powered Automobile Driver, Long-Haul Truck Driver, Lumberjack, Sawmiller, Miner, Welder, Construction and Renovation, Masseuse, Sculptor, Civil Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Landscape gardener.

Moderately Thing Careers

- Mechanical Inventor, Golfer, Outpost and Lighthouse Keeper, Software Developer, Dentist, Dancer, Acrobat, Boxer, Hardware Developer, Surgeon, Firefighter, Jeweler, Barber/Hairdresser, Makeup Artist, Instrumental Musician, Dress Maker, Butcher.

Minimally Thing Careers

- Librarian, Carpenter, Painter, Photographer, Chef, Caterer, Baker.

People Careers

Anyone in a people career requires plenty of energy to deal with various personalities and situations and still come out joyful. People can be unpredictable and hard to please, but a spirited easygoing professional can inspire and satisfy anyone that needs it. Careers focused on people demand quality conversation skills, kindheartedness, and a natural humor to win people over.

Below is a list of people careers based on the level of energeticness need.

Maximally People Careers

- Politician, Announcer, Preacher, Bouncer, Waiter/Waitress, Promoter, Receptionist, Actor/Actress, Model, News Reporter, Hospitality Manager, Childcare Provider, Nurse, Real-estate Agent.

Maximally People Careers

- Minister, Comedian, Lecturer, Motivational Speaker, Vocal Performer Teacher, Department Director, Lawyer, Social Worker, Police Officer, Security Guard, Bartender, Doctor, Dermatologist, Veterinarian, Secretary, Publicist.

Maximally People Careers

- Sheep or Cattle Herder, Farmer, Open-sea Fisher.

Which Career is for You?

An obvious question is how do you know which career is best fitted for your talents? The answer is really as simple as looking in the mirror. Human analysis which was founded in the early 1920s teach us that as someone is on the outside, so they are in the inside. Just by determining which of the five types of people you are, you can determine what career path is best for you.

You can discover your type in the article series linked below if you do not already know which type you are.

Five Types of People: https://honest.cash/v2/merhalish/the-five-types-of-people-alimentive-thoracic-muscular-osseous-cerebral-pt-1-of-6-5869


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