The Thoracic Type of Person (Pt. 3 of 6)

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By: Marcus K. Wright

The thoracic type of person is best characterized by their desire for a thrilling and social lifestyle. Thoracic people are built to embrace excitement, pursue fame, and promote style. Everything from their head to feet to personality resembles a high-flying kite.

Thoracic Traits

Those people who live for the thrill are the Thoracics. They wake up for the excitement and go to sleep only when the fun is over.

Thoracic Mental Traits

- Quick-witted

- Thrill-seeker

- Extravagant and lavish

- Dynamic and creative

- Unique

Thoracic Physical Traits

- Head: Kite-shaped head

- Body: High shoulders, high chest, tall abdomen, and low waist

- Limbs: Medium arms and legs

- Hands & Feet: Long pointed hands & feet

- Nose: High-bridged nose

- Walk: Graceful walk or "spring in their step"

- Strongest System: Circulatory system

Thoracic Spiritual (Behavior) Traits

- Mostly extroverted

- Romantic and charming

- Very expressive (and quick tempered)

- Strong sympathetic

Thoracic Talents

- Music, theater & cinema, and general entertainment

- Conversing

- Fashion and style

- Risk-taking

Thoracic Hobbies

- Upbeat social events

- Entertaining others

- Romance

- Luxurious trips

- Buys the most extravagant or rare clothing, furniture, etc.

Thoracic Careers

Thoracics are made to be the natural-born professional entertainers, designers, and fashion icons. Only exciting careers in media, fashion, and high-pace public stages are enough to fulfill the thoracics need to be surrounded by the eyes of people. Plus, their passionate approach to everything makes it hard to look away. 

Thoracic-Alimentive Careers

- Idea careers: TBD.

- Thing careers: TBD.

- People careers: Jeweler, Waiter/Waitress, Bartender, Doctor, Dermatologist.

Pure Thoracic Careers

- Idea careers: Advertiser, Promoter.

- Thing careers: TBD.

- People careers: Receptionist, Actor/Actress, Model.

Thoracic-Muscular Careers

- Idea careers: Fashion Designer, Interior Decorator.

- Thing careers: Makeup artist, Barber/Hairdresser, Instrumental Musician.

- People careers: Vocal Performer.

Thoracic-Osseous Careers

- Idea careers: TBD.

- Thing careers: Landscape gardener.

- People careers: Secretary, Veterinarian.

Thoracic-Cerebral Careers

- Idea careers: Songwriter, Musical Composer.

- Thing careers: Photographer.

- People careers: Publicist, News Reporter.

Thoracic Marriage Partners

The thoracic man and woman are best fitted for each other. Only a thoracic can understand the passion for excitement that makes a thoracic person a thoracic and not be burned out.

Thoracic Man's Marriage Partners

The thoracic man is the storybook charmer that plenty admire, but few can keep up with for a lifetime. Therefore, a thoracic woman is the best match for a thoracic man. She appreciates his constant romance and thrill-seeking more than any other type. The second best match is the alimentive woman because they are so close in type and she is so willing to give to his desires. The third choice is a muscular-thoracic or muscular-alimentive because their behavior is so different, but still compliments each other. Although, the absolute last type is the osseous woman because they are both opposites.

1. The Thoracic Wife

2. The Alimentive Wife

3. The Muscular-Thoracic or Thoracic-Alimentive Wife

4. The Osseous Wife

5. No other choices

Thoracic Woman's Marriage Partners

The thoracic women must marry a man that can constantly dazzle her with romance and thrills or she will quickly become bored. Meaning she must marry another thoracic man that will understand her impulsiveness. Only he will understand her intense passion for the thrill. The second best choice the alimentive. They are closest in type and the alimentive will give to the thoracic will like no other. Thirdly, the muscular-thoracic or muscular-alimentive because he will supply just enough of her thrill-seeking passions to keep her happy. No other types will satisfy a thoracic woman.

1. The Thoracic Husband

2. The Alimentive Husband

3. The Muscular-Thoracic or Muscular-Alimentive Husband

4. No other choices.

Notable Thoracic

Beyonce Giselle Knowles-Carter / Thoracic-Cerebral / Singer & Songwriter

Laura Smalls / Thoracic-Osseous / Fashion Designer

Will C. Smith / Thoracic-Alimentive / World Renowned Actor & Musician


“How to Analyze People on Sight: Through the Science of Human Analysis, Elsie Lincoln Benedict, Ralph Paine Benedict, The Roycrofters, East Aurora, New York”


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