The Osseous Type of Person (Pt. 5 of 6)

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By: Marcus K. Wright

The osseous type of person is best characterized by their desire for a reliable and independent lifestyle. Osseous people are built to pioneer their own path, embrace the old-fashion, and embody loyalty. Everything from their tall and bony bodies to their ridged-personality is built on the oblong (a curved rectangle).

Osseous Traits

The Osseous is the most focused and persistent of all five types. They are built for endurance and making anything last for the long-haul.

Osseous Mental Traits

- Old-fashion

- Systematic

- Controversial

- One-track minded (focused)

- Responsible

- Organized

Osseous Physical Traits

- Head: Oblong-shaped head and high cheek bones.

- Body: Bony ribs and abdomen.

- Limbs: Long bony legs and arms.

- Hands & Feet: Long and large jointed hands and feet.

- Nose: Long nose.

- Walk: "Mechanical" and unhurried walk.

- Strongest System: Skeletal system.

Osseous Spiritual (Behavior) Traits

- Loyal

- Dependable

- Mostly introverted

- Timely (always on-time)

- Consistent and relentless

Osseous Talents

- Accountability

- Far-sighted

- High endurance

- Skilled with numbers

Osseous Hobbies

- Serious films and documentaries

- Hiking, golfing, and endurance sports

- Quiet time in familiar places

- Old-fashion anything

- Buys the sturdiest or most traditional clothing, furniture, etc.

Osseous Careers

All osseous people are persistent to the bone by nature enabling them to tolerate the harshest environments. Each are as dependable and ridged as the bones in their bodies. They are born frontiersmen, financers, and solo-specialist.

Osseous-Alimentive Careers

- Idea careers: Clerk.

- Thing careers: TBD.

- People careers: Farmworker, Truck Gardener Sheep or Cattle Herder.

Osseous-Thoracic Careers

- Idea careers: TBD.

- Thing careers: Carpenter, Painter.

- People careers: Agriculture.

Osseous-Muscular Careers

- Idea careers: Cartographer (mapmaker).

- Thing careers: Lumberjack, Sawmiller, Miner, Welder.

- People careers: Golfer.

Pure Osseous Careers

- Idea careers: Astronaut, Pioneer (of all kinds).

- Thing careers: Outpost and Lighthouse Keeper.

- People careers: Farmer, Open-sea Fisher.

Osseous-Cerebral Careers

- Idea careers: Accountant, Banker, Statistician, Mathematician, Genealogist.

- Thing careers: Software Developer.

- People careers: TBD.

Osseous Marriage Partners

The osseous man and woman must marry mates who can endure their decisive and stubborn nature. They do not make good matches for each other because they often bump heads and refuse to comprise. Although, when mated with mates who will often give to their wishes, they make for happy relationships.

Osseous Man's Marriage Partners

The osseous man loves making decisions and leading the household. It comes from his pioneering nature. The alimentive woman enjoys giving the reins to her husband leaving her free of the decision-making. That is why she is the best choice for an osseous man. Second and last is the cerebral woman who for some of the same reasons makes her a good choice.

1. The Alimentive Wife

2. The Cerebral Wife

3. No other choices.

Osseous Woman's Marriage Partners

The osseous woman matches best with a cerebral man. Her stubborn and decisive nature matches well with the often indecisive nature of the cerebral. She is very practical by nature which balances well with her husband’s strong idealism. Second and last is the thoracic man because she can act as a grounding nature for the often overly thrill-seeking thoracic man.

1. The Cerebral Husband

2. The Thoracic Husband

3. No other choices.

Notable Osseous

Jonathan Dwight “Bones” Jones / Osseous-Muscular / Championship MMA Fighter

Eldrick Tont “Tiger” Woods / Osseous-Muscular / Championship Golfer

Elon Reeve Musk / Osseous / Software Developer & Engineer


“How to Analyze People on Sight: Through the Science of Human Analysis, Elsie Lincoln Benedict, Ralph Paine Benedict, The Roycrofters, East Aurora, New York”


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