The Routine Historian. Are You An Osseous? [Pt. 5 of 6]

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You are called an osseous if you have a prominent bony skeletal system also known as the osseous system. Your bones are visible at your joints, unlike all other types. Also, your head is oblong (oval-like) with high cheekbones.

Mental Traits

Mentality: Traditional.

Temperament: Stubborn.

Demeanor: Persistent.

Character: Loyal.

Desires: Consistency & structure.

Interests: Traditions, Finance, Outdoors.

Physical Traits

Head: Oblong-shaped head with high cheek bones.

Nose: Tall long nose.

Body: Bony body.

Limbs: Long bony arms and legs.

Hands: Long and large jointed hands.

Feet: Oval flat feet.

Dominate Body System: Skeletal System.

Spiritual (Behavior) Traits

Talk: Properly and grammatically correct.

Walk: Mechanical steady paced walk.

Friendliness: Mostly Introverted.

Appetite: Customary foods (pasta, burgers, chicken and rice, etc.).

Purchases: Customary products (watches, wallets, antiques, etc.).

Talent: Organizing.

Industries: Finance, Analytics, Agriculture, Fishing & Hunting, Logistics, Raw Material Gathering (Mining, Lumbering, etc.), Museums & Historical Sites, Cleaning Services, Waste Management & Remediation Services, Landcare.


Leisure Place: Lake, golf course, open ocean.

Leisure Activity: Golfing, hiking, camping, and fishing.

Favorite Vacation: Cabin.

Entertainment Genre: History.

Collector: Coins, currencies, watches.


For you that are osseous types, you have a born gift for working with numbers. You are a natural mathematician and gifted for careers in accounting and banking. Plus, like the ridged bones in your body, you can withstand harsh environments making you exceptional at frontier careers like mining, farming, and outpost keeping.

Osseous-Alimentive Careers

Scholarship Careers: Clerk, Cashier.

Craftsmanship Careers: Farmworker, Truck Gardener, Housekeeper, Sanitation Worker.

Companionship Careers: Financial Advisor, Loan Officer, Purchasing Manager or Agent Sheep or Cattle Herder, Zookeeper, Animal Breeder.

Osseous-Thoracic Careers

Scholarship Careers: Investment Banker, Forensic Accountant.

Craftsmanship Careers:

Companionship Careers: Insurance Agent.

Osseous-Muscular Careers

Scholarship Careers: Operations Research Analyst, Cost Estimator, Appraiser, Cartographer (mapmaker).

Craftsmanship Careers: Lumberjack, Miner.

Companionship Careers: Supply Chain Manager, Aircraft Dispatcher.

Pure Osseous Careers

Scholarship Careers: Credit Analyst, Budget Analyst, Actuary, Auditor, Pioneer.

Craftsmanship Careers: Open-sea Fisherperson.

Companionship Careers: Outpost and lighthouse keeper. 

Osseous-Cerebral Careers

Scholarship Careers: Accountant, Banker, Statistician, Mathematician.

Craftsmanship Careers: Software Developer, Mechanical Inventor.

Companionship Careers: Financial Manager.


For osseous men, your spouse is often an alimentive because her easygoing nature lets you fully make the decisions of the house, which is something you are naturally gifted to do. Although, the osseous wife is best suited for a cerebral husband because she balances his idealistic mindset with her strict personality. When two osseouses marry, they often bump heads because their traditional mindsets refuse to give to one another's will.

Osseous Man's Spouse

1. Alimentive wife.

2. Cerebral wife.

Osseous Woman's Spouse

1. Cerebral husband.

2. Thoracic husband.

Notable Osseouses

Eldrick Tont “Tiger” Woods / Osseous-Muscular / Championship Golfer

Elon Reeve Musk / Osseous / Software Developer & Engineer



“How to Analyze People on Sight: Through the Science of Human Analysis, Elsie Lincoln Benedict, Ralph Paine Benedict, The Roycrofters, East Aurora, New York”


“As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of GOD's varied grace:” 1 Peter 4:10 Bible.


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