The Muscular Type of Person (Pt. 4 of 6)

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By: Marcus K. Wright

The muscular type of person is best characterized by their desire for a humble and hard-working lifestyle. Muscular people are built to live practically, do more than talk, and promote equality. Everything from their head to their personality is built from the always equal and fair square.

Muscular Traits

All the people who live for hard work and straightforward thinking are musculars. Their joy comes from achieving practical goals and their forceful, but fair approach shows in every action.

Muscular Mental Traits

- Practical Minded

- Very democratic and egalitarian

- All-around plain and simple (simple soul)

- A natural enthusiast

- Straightforward (to the point)

Muscular Physical Traits

- Head: Square-shaped head.

- Body: Square shoulders and firm body.

- Limbs: Long arms and legs.

- Hands & Feet: Square firm hands and feet.

- Nose: Square (boxy) nose.

- Walk: Heavy and forceful walk

- Strongest System: Muscular System

- Loud voice

Muscular Spiritual (Behavior) Traits

- Fairly social

- Hard-working

- Strongly empathetic

- Explosive

- Trusting, but a slow forgiver

- Charitable and a generous friend

Muscular Talents

- Physical ability

- Handwork (painting, mechanics, surgery, etc.)

- Footwork (dancing, etc.)

- Makes anything work

- Understanding others

Muscular Hobbies

- Intense and violent sports

- Fitness and exercise

- True and common stories

- Buys the most useful or practical clothing, furniture, etc.

Muscular Careers

Muscular people are born to flourish in careers focused on manufacturing things and muscling through athletics. They’re naturally gifted to work with their hands and have enough strength to power through the toughest careers.

Muscular-Alimentive Careers

- Idea careers: TBD.

- Thing careers: Middleclass Buildings Construction and Renovation.

- People careers: Masseuse.

Muscular-Thoracic Careers

- Idea careers: Explorer.

- Thing careers: High-class Buildings Construction and Renovation, Sculptor.

- People careers: Dentist, Politician, Announcer, Lawyer, Social Worker, Motivational Speaker.

Pure Muscular Careers

- Idea careers: TBD.

- Thing careers: Mechanic, Civil Engineer, Manufacturer (of all kinds), Airplane Pilot, High-Powered Automobile Driver.

- People careers: Dancer, Acrobat, Boxer.

Muscular-Osseous Careers

- Idea careers: Office Law.

- Thing careers: Frontier Buildings Construction and Renovation (ranches, farms, etc.), Long-Haul Truck Driver.

- People careers: Police Officer, Security Guard, Bouncer, Firefighter.

Muscular-Cerebral Careers

- Idea careers: Architecture.

- Thing careers: Hardware Developer, Electrical Engineer.

- People careers: Surgeon.

Muscular Marriage Partners

The muscular man and woman do best to marry their own type because they share practical household and life goals.

Muscular Man's Marriage Partners

To reach his highest happiness, the muscular man should marry a muscular woman. Only a muscular woman matches his practical nature well enough. Next is the cerebral woman. The cerebral woman is an excellent planner and the muscular man does well to execute on them. The third best choice is the thoracic woman and last is the alimentive woman.

1. The Muscular Wife

2. The Cerebral Wife

3. The Thoracic Wife

4. The Alimentive Wife

5. No other choices.

Muscular Woman's Marriage Partners

The muscular woman should aim to marry a husband that is predominantly muscular so they can aid each other in achieving their practical life and household goals. The next choices go in order from alimentive, cerebral, or thoracic.

1. The Muscular Husband

2. The Alimentive Husband

3. The Cerebral Husband

4. The Thoracic Husband

5. No other choices.

Notable Muscular

Floyd Joy Mayweather / Muscular-Cerebral-Alimentive / Undefeated Championship Boxer

Simone Arianne Biles / Muscular-Cerebral / Olympic Gymnast

Eric “Hip-Hop Preacher” D. Thomas / Muscular-Thoracic / Motivational Speaker


“How to Analyze People on Sight: Through the Science of Human Analysis, Elsie Lincoln Benedict, Ralph Paine Benedict, The Roycrofters, East Aurora, New York”


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