The Humble Hard Worker. Are You A Muscular?  [Pt. 4 of 6]

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For all the musculars, you receive your namesake because of your dominate muscular system forming your noticeably strongly built physical structure.

Mental Traits

Mentality: Practical.

Temperament: Modest.

Demeanor: Mighty.

Character: Honest.

Desires: Activeness & accomplishment.

Interests: Sports, Fitness, Travel.

Physical Traits

Head: Square-shaped head.

Nose: Square (boxy) nose.

Body: Square shoulders and firm body.

Limbs: Long arms and legs.

Hands: Square firm hands.

Feet: Square firm feet.

Dominate Organ System: Burly muscular system.

Spiritual (Behavior) Traits

Talk: Loud booming voice.

Walk: Forceful walk.

Friendliness: Somewhat extroverted and introverted.

Appetite: Plain foods (meatloaf, turkey and cheese sandwich, boiled eggs, etc.).

Purchases: Durable products (jeans, tools, work boots, etc.).

Talent: Crafting.

Industries: Athletics, Construction, Fitness, Manufacturing, Politics, Craftsmanship, Transportation, Security, Technology, Travel, Social Services & Assistance, Warehousing & Storage, Utilities.


Leisure Place: Sports field or court, gym, bar, sports game, dancehall, shorting range, automotive racetrack, car show.

Leisure Activity: Football, boxing, driving, martial arts, dancing, weightlifting, auto racing, arts & crafts.

Favorite Vacation: Cruise.

Entertainment Genre: Action & Adventure.

Collector: Sports memorabilia, baseball cards.


For the musculars of the world like you, what others see as hard work, you see as daily work. Manual labor is designed for your natural strength and athletic ability. Careers using your hands such as mechanics, dentistry, masseuse, and those using your big voice like a speaker or politician are best fitted for your natural abilities.

Muscular-Alimentive Careers

Scholarship Careers:

Craftsmanship Careers: Tailor, Dressmaker, Furniture Maker, Carpet/Floor/Tile Installer & Finisher, Appliance Repairperson, Bus Driver, Construction Manager, Food Engineer, Plumber.

Companionship Careers: Prison Warden, Probation/Parole Officer, Judge, Fitness Trainer, Professional American Football Player.

Muscular-Thoracic Careers

Scholarship Careers

Craftsmanship Careers: Luxury Constructor & Renovator, Health & Safety Engineer, Biomedical Engineer, Taxi Driver, Broadcast Engineer, Sculptor, Painter, Instrument Musician (violinist, pianist, guitarist, etc.), Jeweler Crafter, Interior Decoration Maker, Roofer, Carpenter.

Companionship Careers: Politician, Dentist, Announcer, Lawyer, Motivational Speaker, Social Worker, Dancer, Professional Soccer Player, Professional Basketball Player, Professional Tennis Player.

Pure Muscular Careers

Scholarship Careers:

Craftsmanship Careers: Mechanic, General Construction Worker, Heavy & Construction Equipment Operator, Civil Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Marine Engineer, Race Car Driver, Airplane Pilot.

Companionship Careers: Acrobat, Professional Boxer, Professional MMA Fighter.

Muscular-Osseous Careers

Scholarship Careers: Office Law.

Craftsmanship Careers: Technician, Building & Construction Inspector, Long-haul Truck Driver, Brickmason, Blockmason, Stonemason, Petroleum Engineer, Nuclear Engineer, Factory Line Worker, Environmental Engineer, Frontier Constructor & Renovator (ranches. outposts, farms), Bridge Builder, Ship Captain, etc.

Companionship Careers: Police Officer, Air Marshal, Coast Guard, Security Guard or Officer, Bouncer, Professional Golfer, Professional Cyclist, Professional Mountain Climber, Professional Hiker.

Muscular-Cerebral Careers

Scholarship Careers: Architecture.

Craftsmanship Careers: Surgeon, Computer Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Electrician, Hardware Developer, Construction Drafter.

Companionship Careers: Cyber Security, Professional Track Star, Professional Esports Player.


Because you are the muscular type, you marry well with another muscular type. You both share practical goals in life outside and inside your household. Although, your next best choice is the cerebral because you can actualize their bright ideas or the alimentive because you will compliment his mellowness with firmness.

Muscular Man's Spouse

1. Muscular wife.

2. Cerebral wife.

3. Thoracic wife.

4. Alimentive wife.

Muscular Woman's Spouse

1. Muscular husband.

2. Alimentive husband.

3. Cerebral husband.

4. Thoracic husband.

Notable Musculars

Floyd Joy Mayweather / Muscular-Cerebral-Alimentive / Undefeated Championship Boxer

Simone Arianne Biles / Muscular-Cerebral / Olympic Gymnast



“How to Analyze People on Sight: Through the Science of Human Analysis, Elsie Lincoln Benedict, Ralph Paine Benedict, The Roycrofters, East Aurora, New York”


“As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of GOD's varied grace:” 1 Peter 4:10 Bible.


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