The Cerebral Type of Person (Pt. 6 of 6)

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By: Marcus K. Wright

The cerebral type of person is best characterized by their desire for an intellectual and idealistic lifestyle. Cerebral people are built to envision tomorrow’s possibilities, discover simple solutions, and consume endless information. Everything from their heads to their personalities is built from the triangle.

Cerebral Traits

The cerebral is the highbrow intellect of all the types. They are very polite, sophisticated, and intellectual by nature. Their imagination and properness are ingrained in all their attributes.

Cerebral Mental Traits

- Very imaginative

- Highly intelligent

- Visionary and innovative

- Evolutionary

- Unorthodox

Cerebral Physical Traits

- Head: Inverted-triangle-shaped head and large curved back-head (occiput)

- Body: Skinny body

- Limbs: Skinny and straight limbs

- Hands & Feet: Skinny hands and feet (straight up and down fingers)

- Nose: Skinny inverted triangle-like nose

Walk: "Jerky" walk

- Strongest System: Nervous System

- Fast and twitchy movements

Cerebral Spiritual (Behavior) Traits

- Polite

- Humble

- Highly introverted

- Peaceful

- Proper and mature

Cerebral Talents

- Intellectual ability

- Problem-solving

- Strategic thinking

- Envisioning

- Writing

Cerebral Hobbies

- Strategy games (chess, checkers, etc.)

- Science-fiction films

- Reading

- Lectures and speeches

- Thinking and dreaming

- Buys the most cutting-edge or innovative clothing, furniture, etc.

Cerebral Careers

Cerebrals flourish in careers demanding a brilliant mind, limitless, and formality. Big minds such as them need a profession to release their creative thoughts and pursue limitless information. They are the natural-born writers, philosophers, scientists, and inventors.

Cerebral-Alimentive Careers

- Idea careers: Economist.

- Thing careers: TBD.

- People careers: TBD.

Cerebral-Thoracic Careers

- Idea careers: Journalist, Magazine Editor, Poet, Screenwriter, Advertising Copywriter.

- Thing careers: TBD.

- People careers: Minister, Comedian, Department Director.

Cerebral-Muscular Careers

- Idea careers: Speechwriter, Technical writer.

- Thing careers: Mechanical Inventor.

- People careers: Lecturer, Preacher, Teacher.

Cerebral-Osseous Careers

- Idea careers: Logistics, Analytics, Researcher, Proofreader, Historic Writer.

- Thing careers: TBD.

- People careers: TBD.

Pure Cerebral Careers

- Idea careers: Author, Literary Critic, Philosopher.

- Thing careers: Librarian.

- People careers: Avoid primarily people careers (sales and consulting).

Cerebral Marriage Partners

The cerebral man and woman must marry a mate who can understand their nature of living in their heads. They often get caught up in their thoughts so often that only another cerebral will understand the habit. Otherwise, they must marry a partner that can complement their idealism with constant practicality.

Cerebral Man's Marriage Partners

The cerebral man marries best with a cerebral woman because they both share mentally heavy traits other types do not have. The second choice is the muscular woman because she brings a balanced level of practicality to the relationship. Third is the osseous woman because her keen decisiveness helps push them forward. The absolute last choice is the alimentive because they are so far removed from each other.

1. The Cerebral Wife

2. The Muscular Wife

3. The Osseous Wife

4. The Alimentive Wife (as a last resort)

5. No other choices.

Cerebral Woman's Marriage Partners

The cerebral woman who marries a cerebral man has the highest chance of happiness because he enjoys the mind-focused activities they are both prone too. The next choice is an osseous man because he is a strong decision-maker while she is a strong planner. The third best choice is the muscular man because he can execute on the practical needs while his wife handles the planning. As a last resort, a cerebral woman can marry an alimentive man, but they will have very little in common.

1. The Cerebral Husband

2. The Osseous Husband

3. The Muscular Husband

4. The Alimentive Husband (as a last resort)

5. No other choices.

Notable Cerebrals

Kevin Darnell Hart / Cerebral-Thoracic-Muscular / Worldwide Comedian

Nikola Tesla / Cerebral-Osseous / Electromagnetic Physicist & Inventor 

George Washington Carver / Cerebral / Inventor & Botanist 


“How to Analyze People on Sight: Through the Science of Human Analysis, Elsie Lincoln Benedict, Ralph Paine Benedict, The Roycrofters, East Aurora, New York”


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