The Alimentive Type of Person (Pt. 2 of 6)

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By: Marcus K. Wright

The alimentive type of person is best characterized by their desire for a friendly and comfortable lifestyle. Alimentive people are built to enjoy people, love food, and be cozy. Everything from their head to feet to their personality is built around a cuddly circle that brings everyone around.

Natural Born Alimentive Traits 

Alimentive Mental Traits

- Cheerful

- Optimistic

- Easy-going

Alimentive Physical Traits

- Head: Round-shaped head.

Body: Sloping shoulders and plump (round) belly.

Limbs: Short arms & legs.

Hands & Feet: Small hands & Feet.

Nose: Round (pudgy nose.

- Walk: Waddle-like walk

- Strongest System: Digestive system

- Slow movements

Alimentive Spiritual (Behavior) Traits

- Brilliant conversationalist

- Family-oriented

- Very indulgent

- Highly extroverted

Natural born Alimentive Talents

- People skills

- Motivating other people

- Being likable and building positive relationships

- Leading groups of people

- Persuasion (ability to convince)

Natural Born Alimentive Hobbies

- Storytelling

- Relaxing vacations

- Delicious meals

- Comedic movies

- Buys the most comfortable and satisfying clothing, furniture, etc.

Natural Born Alimentive Careers

Alimentive people excel in careers focused on selling and managing people, as well as, providing them their essential needs. These type of people are naturally people persons and love the comforts of life. Therefore, careers in sales, management, real-estate, culinary arts and so on are natural careers for them to prosper.  

Pure Alimentive Careers

- Idea careers: Avoid primarily idea jobs (ex: writing and selling any books).

- Thing careers: Chef, Caterer, Baker.

People careers: Hospitality Manager, Childcare provider, Nurse.

Alimentive-Thoracic Careers

Idea careers: TBD.

Thing careers: TBD. 

People careers: High-end Real-estate Agent, Boutique Clothing Salesmen/women, Delicacy Foods & Drinks Salesmen/Saleswomen, Boutique Clothing Salesmen/women, High-end Car Salesmen/Saleswomen, High-end Housing Goods Salesmen/Saleswomen.

Alimentive-Muscular Careers

Idea careers: TBD.

Thing careers: Dressmaker, Butcher.

People careers: Middleclass Real-estate Agent, Practical Foods & Drink Salesmen/women, Work Clothing Salesmen/women, Middleclass Car Salesmen/women, Middleclass Housing Goods Salesmen/women.

Alimentive-Osseous Careers

Idea careers: TBD.

Thing careers: TBD.

People careers: Stocks & Bonds Salesmen, Farm Salesmen/women, Outdoor Goods Salesmen/women, Hardware Salesmen/women, Raw Material Salesmen/women, Ranch Salesmen/women, Truck Salesmen/women.

Alimentive-Cerebral Careers

Idea careers: TBD.

Thing careers: TBD.

People careers: Business Manager.

Natural Born Alimentive Marriage Partners

The alimentive man and woman must marry a spouse who can balance their easygoing nature with sternness. Partners such as the muscular and osseous are the first choices for this reason. Other options also work well, but for alimentive men and women the cerebral is always the last resort because they are so opposite.

Alimentive Man’s Marriage Partners

The alimentive man is best fitted for a predominantly muscular woman who can offset his easygoing nature with her practicality. Therefore, the first choice is the muscular women. If he does not marry a muscular, he should marry a thoracic, alimentive-muscular, or alimentive-cerebral woman in that order. As a last resort, he can marry a cerebral woman, but they will have little in common.

1. The Muscular Wife

2. The Thoracic Wife

3. The Alimentive Wife (alimentive-musuclar or alimentive-cerebral)

4. The Cerebral Wife

5. No other choices.

Alimentive Woman's Marriage Partners

The alimentive woman should marry an osseous man for the most happiness because he enjoys making decisions, which is something she typically does not enjoy. Her relaxed and nurturing nature will match his decisive and domineeringness. Next, she should marry a thoracic, muscular, or an alimentive man in that order. As a last resort, she can marry a cerebral man.

1. The Osseous Husband

2. The Thoracic Husband

3. The Muscular Husband

4. The Alimentive Husband

5. The Cerebral Husband (as a last resort)

Notable Alimentives

Martha Stewart / Alimentive-Thoracic / Famous Chef & Baker

Kenneth H. Fearn / Alimentive-Thoracic / Real-estate Mogul


“How to Analyze People on Sight: Through the Science of Human Analysis, Elsie Lincoln Benedict, Ralph Paine Benedict, The Roycrofters, East Aurora, New York”


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