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2019-08-15T22:20:22.000Z Honest Cash

By: Marcus K. Wright has become my favorite social media platform in the last week. It is the most user-friendly and easy to start DApp I have seen across all blockchains. All you need to start is an email and a password and you are good to go.

Although, there are still some features I wish were present on that I believe will rocket it above even traditional media network. Therefore, I have made a list of the top features I pray will get added to ASAP.

1. Mentioning Other Users

Mentioning other users is an important part of making Memo a social network. As we type someone's name in a memo it should pop up. Plus, when their name is written in a memo it should link to their profile and notify them. It is difficult to connect with people without mentioning, which is why this feature comes first on my wishlist.

2. Image & GIF Uploading and Posting

A needed feature is more ways to post on because it means more ways to enjoy it. I hoping the second feature to come to Memo is image and GIF uploading. I know I am not the only one who will love to see some hilarious GIFs on my Memo feed. Think about all the great GIFs circulating the web about Bitcoin that we never have a chance to see on Memo. I would love to see some IPFS integration if needed to make this feature happen.

3. More Settings

We need more ways to tweak how we use our favorite platform. The platform must incorporate features such as selecting the theme’s color and font sizes, and notification filters. It will be great to choose what we are notified about whether it be when someone follows us, mentions us, or sends us a tip.

4. A User Interface Facelift

I appreciate how far has come and the speed of its growth. Although, I believe in some areas it has plenty of room for growth. Something that will draw in new users and bring back old users is a massive design overhaul. I am hoping for Memo to update everything from its fonts, colors, and icons to its animations and menu naming conventions.

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