Five Alternative Apps You Should Use Instead for Your Freedom, Security, and Privacy (Plus A Bonus)

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By: Marcus K. Wright

Ladies and gentlemen, in this post, I have gathered a list of the best platforms currently available to us. These platforms all have our best interest as a top priority. They encourage us to profit from our contributions and put individuals first. The best part is you can use these applications TODAY! No waiting. Instant gratification.

I have personally tested each technology and feel very confident in their performance and future outlook. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions in the comments below.

It’s important to quickly clarify a common misunderstanding about “free” services like Google Chrome, Gmail, Facebook, etc. Contrary to some people's belief, they are no freer than the coffee you drink for “free” at work. You pay by giving the company and its advertising partners full rights to your data.

If you think paying with your data is not a big deal, realize major tech companies and hundreds of others make 100s of billions of dollars a year off your data. In reality, you are losing money by using these services when you factor in all your lost earning which you have yet to receive.

Brave Browser – Internet Browser

The application people use the most by far is probably their internet browser. The internet browser is like the vehicle one uses to explore the open roads. When someone chooses a vehicle to explore the roads, they want one which allows them the most freedom and convenience. If one selects a vehicle that hinders where they can travel and slows them down, chances are they’re not going to go very far.

Millions upon millions of people make the mistake of using an inferior internet browser. As a result, they are flooded with advertising, have their data sold off, and inevitably support companies without their best interest at heart. What a shame.

Brave Browser is being developed by Brave Software Inc., the company founded by Brendan Eich. If you do not know of Brendan Eich, his resume is impressive. He created the JavaScript programming language, founded/developed Mozilla Firefox from 2003 - 2014, and now founded Brave. For more information on Brendan Eich, here is his linkedIn "". He is by far one of the most qualified and talented entrepreneur engineers to build Brave, the most secure, user-friendly, and transparent browser we have ever seen.

After using Brave Browser daily for more than a year, I can genuinely say I LOVE this browser. Why? I can show you better than I can tell you. Below is a screenshot of my Brave browser usage stats.

Read it in amazement 161,419 trackers blocked, 347,883 ads blocked, 45,756 HTTPS upgrades and over 7.1 hours saved! To give you an idea of how much better Brave browser is compared to others I’ll list some advantages. 

Brave Browser Advantages 

- 2-8x faster than Chrome and Safari on mobile

- 2x faster than Chrome on Desktop

- Never tracks you

- Blocks ALL ads and pop-ups (You may choose to turn on ads/pop-ups with a click)

- Saves you an average of $276 annually in data charges

- Reduces the chances of viruses

- Built using open-source software

- Ability to donate to individual sites through your browser

- Uses the BAT or basic attention token (learn more here: "")

- You can earn BAT for viewing ads if you so choose too.

For more information about Brave browser, I recommend this 1:42 video overview of Brave by Brave here: ""

Protonmail - Email Service

The second most used application on average is probably one's email. Email is one of the most widely used means of communication in the modern world. A person’s email contains some of the most private information a person has and therefore must be one of the most secure applications a person uses.

Protonmail is an easy to use and end-to-end encrypted email service based in Switzerland because of their advantageous privacy laws compared to most nations. By using Protonmail users gain secure email that even Protonmail the company cannot access. In spite of the high-security measures, users can still easily access their emails like any other email service. It’s also free & open-source, but because “free” is impossible, they also accept donations and offer a paid account with more features to keep the project running. 

Signing up for Protonmail is simple and does not require entering any personal information. You will only need a backup email address and a password. Once you are signed up you can use Protonmail similar to Gmail or any other service. Although, your email contents won’t be searched by bots for data to sell to advertising companies. 

Protonmail Advantages

- End-to-end encryption

- Anonymous email even Protonmail cannot access

- Ease to use similar to any other email provider (maybe even easier)

- Built with open-source software

- Email hosted in Switzerland (email protected by Swiss law)

- Optional custom domains and email aliases

- Only you have access to your email

For more information about Protonmail, I would recommend you visit their website and get started here: “”. It’s simple to get started and the benefits are worth it. I would also recommend you watch this very informative TED talk about why encrypted email is so important "".

DuckDuckGo - Search Engine

DuckDuckGo is currently the most popular technology on this list, but still has a lot of growth to achieve before becoming the leading technology in its field. DuckDuckGo is an anonymous online search engine which recently reached over 45 million anonymous searches in a single day. DuckDuckGo includes many common search engine features like instant answers, themes, !bangs, a calculator, a currency exchange calculator, and more.

To understand the value DuckDuckGo offers, you must understand just how much Google and major search engines outright violate your basic right to privacy.

Think about it like this: imagine a search engine is like a bathroom and every time you searched something you were using the bathroom. In this scenario, Google is bathroom G, and DuckDuckGo is bathroom D. Both bathrooms are fairly similar, but there are a few differences. In bathroom A there is a camera while in bathroom B there is no camera. What you do in this “search engine bathroom” is up to you. You could blow your nose and leave or anything else. knowing this you must choose one default bathroom, bathroom A or bathroom B?

The point is it’s not important what you do in the bathroom. What is important is that the bathroom you choose is secure, your privacy is protected, and you are RESPECTED. For this reason, I strongly recommend switching to DuckDuckGo for your searching needs as I have.

DuckDuckGo Advantages 

- Never stores your personal information

- You are not being stalked by major companies while searching on your private devices

- Highly customizable with themes, fonts, and more

- Never stores your search history (or sells it to advertisers)

- Scores a websites Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for you

- Mobile apps, browser extensions, and integration across all your favorite services

Please visit for more information about their company, vision, and plans moving forward Also, watch this video about DuckDuckGo’s recent surge in searches partly because of Google’s censorship by ‘The Outer Light’ here: “”. – Microblogging Social Network 

I have tried various innovative social media platforms that compete with traditional platforms. In my search, I have only found one that truly gives every other platform a run for its money. gives us a way to post our thoughts with the world and receive spendable BCH tips just for posting content. No other platform allows you to directly tip in any amount your favorite posts with just a click. You can tip a post between $0.0001 to over 1 million dollars with just a click.

Plus, secures all posts, user information, and transaction directly through the multi-billion-dollar Bitcoin Cash blockchain. On top of these innovative features Memo also offers standard features such as 217-character microblogging, personalized feeds, replying to any post, follow and unfollowing, hashtagging, displaying videos and images in your posts with links, and it even features a built-in cryptocurrency exchange.

Beginning to use Memo is simple. All you need is an email and password. Then, you are ready to go. If you have used popular microblogging platforms or social media sites like Twitter, the transition to will be a breeze. Advantages 

- Publish 217-character microblog posts

- All your data is secured on the multi-billion-dollar BCH blockchain

- Tip or be tipped by any user for less than a penny to over $1 million dollars

- Instantly cash out all your earnings to spend at stores like,, and more.

- User-friendly interface

- Signup with just an email and password

Telegram Messenger – Messaging Service

Telegram is an encrypted but easy to use free messaging service available on mobile, desktop, and browser. Using Telegram you may send videos, photos, and files fast and securely to friends, family, and even public groups of 30,000. Users may use their usernames or phone numbers to contact others making it easy to use Telegram as an email/SMS option. 

Unlike Facebook Messenger, What’s App, and many other messaging services, Telegram treats user’s privacy as a top priority. They articulate this point best on their FAQ page by saying:

“Big internet companies like Facebook or Google have effectively hijacked the privacy discourse in the recent years. Their marketers managed to convince the public that the most important things about privacy are superficial tools that allow hiding your public posts or your profile pictures from the people around you. Adding these superficial tools enables companies to calm down the public and change nothing in how they are turning over private data to marketers and other third parties (”

I see Telegram as one of the most secure quality messaging services to date. This is especially true compared to the likes of Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and more.

Telegram Advantages 

- Free forever with 0 ads and subscription fees

- Group chat max-size of 30,000 members!

- Application for the Web, Mac/PC/Linux desktop, IOS/Android/Windows mobile 

- Heavily encrypted and self-destructible messages

- Access messages instantly from multiple devices

- Claims to be the fastest application for delivering messages

- 0 limits to media and chat sizes

- Send documents of any type easily

- Build tools using their open API

- Easy to use interface on all available platforms

Bonus: Atomic Wallet – Cryptocurrency Wallet

Storing your favorite cryptocurrency has never been simpler with a multi-currency decentralized wallet like Atomic wallet. Over three hundred cryptocurrencies can be stored on this open-source wallet. You can swap one crypto for another in your wallet without having to visit any exchange or send it to another address. You can also buy more cryptocurrencies with a bank account, debit card, or credit card through your wallet too.

Plus, all your currencies are only accessible by you and is protected by high-level encryption. You can manage your funds on desktop and mobile devices just by having your twelve-word recovery phrase. Atomic wallet is available on Windows, Apple, Andrioid, and Linux devices.

It is hard not to mention how good the user-interface looks. It is sleek, responsive, and looks as luxurious as a high-tech crypto wallet should on all your devices. Atomic is one of the most popular wallets around the world for a reason. Many top names have given praise for its usability, great customer support, and constant feature-rich updates.

Atomic Wallet Advantages

- Over three hundred available cryptocurrencies

- Swap any cryptocurrency for another without leaving the wallet

- Fully encrypted on your device

- Only you have access to your funds

- Buy multiple cryptocurrencies with a bank account, debit card, or credit card

- Access your funds on desktop or mobile device

Here is a short and informative introduction video. In less than two minutes It explains all the incredible features of this state-of-the-art cryptocurrency wallet “”.

I’m glad to share each of these applications with you. I hope you switch to all six. Please note that I am currently unaffiliated with any of these organizations. I’m simply a very thankful user who wants people like you to enjoy these great apps. 

“If it is not free to give, then it is not free to take” – Marcus K. Wright

If you enjoy my content, please up-vote, share, follow, and leave a tip. Post your thoughts in the comments below. I always read the comments so give me something good to read. 

Thanks again!


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